Concerns grow for Princess Anne’s well being as she shoulders the burden of a slimmed down Monarchy

Mar 21, 2024
In the face of mounting concerns for her well-being amid the challenges of royal duties, Princess Anne's steadfast dedication remains unwavering Source: Getty Images.

Amid Princess Catherine’s recovery from abdominal surgery and King Charles’ battle with cancer, Princess Anne finds herself at the forefront of royal responsibilities, sparking mounting concerns for her well-being.

According to The Royal Diary, Princess Anne is slated to fulfill an overwhelming 55 out of 78 total duties listed between March 18 and May 10. While her renowned work ethic is unquestionable, there are growing concerns about the toll this relentless schedule may take on her health.

Well-being experts at GoSmokeFree have voiced apprehension that the increasing workload may push the Princess Royal to her limits.

“Since both The King and The Princess of Wales have been dealing with health issues lately, their partners also seem to have taken a step back from the public eye. For some unknown reason, this has left Princess Anne to do most of the heavy lifting,” experts claim.

“While Her Royal Highness is well-known for being the most hard-working royal, we are deeply concerned for her wellbeing and worry Princess Anne may be on the brink of burnout.

“While we are confident HRH serves her country tirelessly with unmatched dedication, we urge other royals to get involved to balance the workload.”

Despite the challenges, Princess Anne has consistently approached her duties with the utmost gravity.

The Princess Royal undeniably stands as the most industrious member of her family and one of the most hardworking royals globally. According to The Telegraph, Princess Anne has attended 457 engagements in the past year.

This places her as the busiest member of her family for the third consecutive year, surpassing even King Charles, who has attended 425 engagements in his new role.

The third busiest was their youngest brother, Prince Edward, with 309 engagements. In contrast, the heir apparent to the throne, Prince William, has only attended 172.

Dickie Arbiter, former press spokesperson for Queen Elizabeth, noted that Princess Anne provides invaluable support to the King.

“She just gets on with it, often carrying out multiple engagements in one day,” he told The Telegraph.

In the face of mounting concerns for her well-being amid the challenges of royal duties, Princess Anne’s steadfast dedication remains unwavering. Despite the burdensome responsibilities she shoulders, Princess Anne continues to exemplify an unmatched work ethic and commitment to her role.

Princess Anne’s resilience serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to serving her country, and her steadfastness in the face of adversity inspires admiration and respect.

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