Prince Harry has ‘shrunk in every single way’ since meeting Meghan Markle, royal expert explains

Jan 14, 2024
Renowned author Angela Levin claims Prince Harry has "lost his spirit" as he succumbs to Meghan Markle's influence. Source: Getty Images.

British author Angela Levin, who spent a significant 15 months with Prince Harry to craft the biography Harry: Conversations with the Prince, has disclosed that the Duke has seemingly “lost his spirit” as he takes a backseat to Meghan’s aspirations.

Levin, an esteemed expert on royal affairs, expressed her concerns, stating that Prince Harry appears to have surrendered his personal agency.

“He’s given in. He walks behind them. He has no power. You don’t feel that he’s making decisions. The decisions come from Meghan,” she told GB News.

Harry’s autonomy has diminished, and he seems to be overshadowed by Meghan’s dominating influence.

“Harry has shrunk in every single way,” Levin explains.

“She writes his speeches. She tells him what to do. Pushing him here and there. Moving him different places. Like you might do to some poor child. It’s very damning. He’s lost his own spirit.”

Levin, who spent over a year in close quarters with Prince Harry, reminisced about a different side of him.

“When I spent 15 months with him he was very lively, he could speak off the cuff,” she explained.

“And he was full of fun and brilliant,” Levine said. “But now he feels very awkward of saying something that perhaps Meghan doesn’t like.”

The startling revelations bring to light a potential struggle within the Sussex household, raising questions about Prince Harry’s autonomy and the dynamics of his relationship with Meghan.

Despite rumoured troubles behind closed doors, the pair face another hurdle after royal author Phil Dampier revealed that Harry and Meghan’s aspirations for a “year of redemption” in 2024 might be nothing more than a pipe dream.

Dampier, who has been closely following the Sussexes’ journey, expressed skepticism about the couple’s ambitions.

“Harry and Meghan have let it be known that they see 2024 as their year of redemption, to which my reaction is good luck with that,” he remarked to The Sun.

“It’s a trite phrase dreamt up by their Hollywood PR people and in reality means very little.”

Dampier’s advice for the couple on the road to redemption includes a significant personal step – repairing the fractured relationship with Markle’s father, Thomas Markle.

“If they truly want to redeem themselves, they should get down to Mexico and see her father Thomas Markle before it’s too late,” he urged.

“Whatever he did in the past, he surely doesn’t deserve to never see his grandchildren. Harry has never met him, and I think the way he has been treated is cruel and sadistic.

“The King is also being deprived of seeing Archie and Lilibet, and that is also unfair.”

As the world watches the royal drama unfold, it remains to be seen how these insights will shape public perceptions of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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