Prince Charles is teaching little George how to garden

Well this is just too cute!

The young Prince George is following in his grandpa’s footsteps after being introduced to the world of gardening by the future king.

Prince Charles and George planted trees together at Highgrove House, Charles’ country home, and the royals have had a hard time keeping George out of the garden ever since!

010416_highgrove house
One of the beautiful gardens at Highgrove House.

Charles is well-known for his love of the countryside and the environment and regularly advocates for organic farming and climate change awareness.

He is said to be as proud as punch when it comes to his grandson and couldn’t wait to teach George about planting and growing his own garden and produce.

The pair planted a number of trees together at the property including a Winter Orange Lime, which lines the driveway near the front door of the grand country home in Tetbury.

George is often photographed looking particularly excited whenever he is outdoors around nature and animals.

When he visited Australia with his parents in 2014, George was seen laughing and thoroughly enjoying himself when he got the chance to meet some native wildlife.

Prince William has spoken openly about George’s curiosity of the world around him and his constant energy.

“He’s a little bit of a rascal, I’ll put it that way,” William told CNN. “He either reminds me of my brother or me when I was younger, I’m not sure, but he’s doing very well at the moment.”

Prince Charles is said to be keen to keep teaching George about gardening and hopes to start including Princess Charlotte when she is a little older.

What hobbies do you share with your grandchildren? Are you glad to see George learning some normal everyday skills?

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