‘Precious’ grandmas steal the spotlight with heartwarming wedding day act

Mar 11, 2024
The video was flooded with comments saying what a gorgeous moment it was. Source: Getty Images.

In a touching display, two charming grandmothers became the unexpected stars of a recent wedding, leaving the internet in tears.

The heartening moment was captured by talented wedding photographer Joshua Hugget, whose video quickly went viral after being shared on Instagram, amassing over 8.5 million views.

The enchanting scene unfolded on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula as the two grandmothers gracefully strolled down the aisle as flower girls, joyfully tossing flower petals.

The bride, Michaela Treloar, and her partner wanted to incorporate their grandmothers into the wedding festivities, and the endearing result exceeded all expectations.

Describing the scene, Treloar shared with ABC, “They took it on with pride, smashed it, and now they’ve gone viral.”

“It was really cute … each nonna was helping each other get to the end of the aisle, chatting all the way,” Treloar added.

The video was flooded with comments saying what a gorgeous moment it was.

“Makes me miss my nan, this a beautiful moment,” one wrote.

“This is the most beautiful thing!!”

“I love this – precious!” commented another.

“What a wonderful idea for those who are lucky enough to have grandparents!”

“What a fantastic idea! Showing respect and love involving them like that.”

Although this moment was undeniably special, it’s not without precedent, as another couple previously adopted a similar approach for their wedding day.

When Lucy Schanzer tied the knot with her husband, she desired her cherished grandmothers to play a significant role. Rather than seating them conventionally at the front of the aisle with the rest of the family, Lucy opted to have her two grandmas also take on the roles of flower girls.

Lucy and her grandmas, Nancy Rutchik and Flossie Pack, kept the idea a secret until the day of the wedding, surprising guests with this unique and delightful moment.

Nancy and Flossie strolled down the aisle to the tune of the I Love Lucy theme song, a tribute to their granddaughter, and elicited laughter from the crowd with their enthusiastic scattering of rose petals.

“When they saw us, they started laughing,” said Nancy told Arkansas Online.

“Then they had whistle calls and they called our names and ‘Go girl!’ We broke up the wedding. It was really a fun thing.”



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