Pauline Hanson insists migrants must ‘prove themselves’ and learn English

Pauline Hanson is calling for migrants to "prove themselves". Source: Twitter/Sky News Australia.

Pauline Hanson has called for urgent changes to Australia’s immigration system, insisting all migrants must wait eight years to have a residency confirmed – in which time they must “prove themselves” and “learn English”.

The controversial politician and One Nation leader said she’s “sick and tired” of foreign migrants settling in the country, but not learning the native language.

In a fiery speech on Sky News, she renewed her ongoing calls for toucher border laws, and said while the government is providing endless resources, they’re getting less in return.

“People should wait at least eight years to get their citizenship. Permanent residents – they have all the other benefits of anyone else, bar they cannot vote,” she said on the TV show.

“Why shouldn’t we take the time? Why shouldn’t they prove their worth to us? Why shouldn’t we see if they are of good character? Do the migrants coming into this country actually have to bring their criminal record, if they’ve got one, from the country they’re coming from?

“Do we know of their character in their previous country? So let them wait, prove yourselves to us, I want them to speak English. I’m sick and tired of people coming here, living here for years, and cannot converse in the language.”

She insisted, while there are resources in place, there are still a lot of migrants who can’t understand very basic English – so rely on resources in their own language.

“We’re putting out interpreters, we have government departments, we put out paper in english or their language so they understand, and they’ve been here for how many years? It’s not good enough!”

It comes after Immigration Minister Peter Dutton made the same plea for migrants to learn English recently, saying making it mandatory was a “no brainer”.

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Speaking on 2GB radio, Dutton called on Labor to support the push and questioned why MPs hadn’t thrown their weight behind it already. While he admitted he’s unsure of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s current stance on the issue, he urged all politicians to support the proposed legislation.

“It’s a no-brainer. It’s providing support for women who, in some cultures, aren’t treated equally,” he told host Ray Hadley.

“We want those women to have an education, to see their daughters get a driver’s licence… whatever it might be. If you’re in Australia we don’t ask you to abandon your culture or your heritage but if you’re in Australia you abide by our laws. There is one law that applies equally to every Australian, regardless of your background or place of birth, and people need to understand that… The majority of people do.”

Do you agree with Pauline that migrants should ‘prove themselves’? Or do you think it’s unfair to expect people to learn the english language?

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