‘No one is safe from the bulldozer’: Scott Morrison crash tackles child

May 19, 2022
Scott Morrison has accidentally flattened a child in a mock soccer game. Source: Getty

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has knocked over a small child during his campaign trail by crash tackling the boy to the ground in a mock soccer match in Tasmania.

The incident occurred when Morrison attempted to make a run for the ball, accidentally wiping out the little Davenport Striker player, Luca Fauvette.

The pair got up from the ground, all smiles, with Morrison asking the player if he was “all good”.

“Where’s Luca? Please tell me he hasn’t gone off to the hospital,” the Prime Minister bantered with parents at the club afterwards.

Morrison joked that he heard the club needed a “bulldozer” on the team, saying he’d be happy to oblige.

“I look forward to coming back on another occasion. I think that when that grandstand comes down, I hear it might need a bit of a bulldozer to knock it down, so I might be able to help with that,” he quipped.

Labor Member for Parliament, Jason Clare, shared a video on Twitter of Morrison’s blunder, saying “no one is safe from the bulldozer”.

The Davenport Strikers club shared an update on Luca on their Facebook page, saying he was “the star of the election”.

“Our club values are determination, effort and respect. We think Luca showed plenty of determination and effort to stop the PM scoring at all costs!,” the post read.
“The latest star of the election is ok and looking forward to being the star of the show at school tomorrow!”

Morrison gave Luca a shoutout on his Facebook as well, stating the young boy has a “budding career already”.

The internet did not disappoint with its reactions to Morrison’s gaffe, with people taking to social media to poke fun at the Prime Minister.

The incident comes as the Prime Minister is in the final week of his campaign trail with the Federal Election looming on May 21.

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