‘Lord of the Flip-Flops’: The Liberal Party’s peculiar satirical campaign

May 13, 2022
The Liberal Party have released a peculiar new campaign. Source: Liberal Party of Australia/YouTube

The Liberal Party (LNP) have released a new parody campaign, featuring a caricature of Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese as the creepy Lord of the Rings character Gollum.

The commercial released on YouTube, shows the Labor (ALP) leader crouching on his desk, arguing with himself about tricking voters over his taxes, coal and pay rise policies.

The hunched over, shirtless Albanese lookalike starts off the advert by professing his love for taxes.

“Taxes, yes taxes. We will tax all of them, so much money,” he says to himself.

The Gollum-Albanese character’s alter ego interrupts himself: “No, no you idiot.”

“But I want their money,” he argues back.

“You can’t tell them, it’s the only way we get precious votes,” the Alter states.

The character continues to argue with himself over what he’s telling voters, the LNP insinuating what will really happen if Albanese wins the election via the depiction.

Cartoon Albanese confuses himself about not knowing what to tell the people about coal, as the Alter says “we just tell them both what they want to hear”.

“We changed so many times. Flip…,” he says.

The Alter continues: “…Flop. Whatever we says to win votes.”

The commercial ends with a photo of the real ALP leader saying “It won’t be easy under Albanese”.

Voters took to social media to share their mixed thoughts on the bizarre campaign.

“This is a really weird ad,” one person wrote on YouTube.

“LOL. Wonder how many tens of thousands this cost.. and for only 3k views lol,” commented another.

“It’s convinced me, I’m putting labor last,” someone commented.

The new commercial campaign comes as Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Albanese faced off at the final leader’s debate on Wednesday, May 11.

Albanese won the final debate with 50 per cent of the 160 undecided voters favouring the Opposition Leader while 34 per cent were in favour of the Prime Minister. 16 per cent remained undecided.

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