PM Anthony Albanese teases new public holiday if Matildas reach the World Cup finals

Aug 07, 2023
A spot in the finals is looking more and more likely for the Matildas after a stellar performance at this year's World Cup competition so far. Source: Getty Images.

Aussies may soon be enjoying an extra day off this year after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese hinted that a nationwide public holiday is on the cards should the Matildas make it to the World Cup finals.

Albanese made the remarks during a recent interview with 2Day FM on Monday, August 7, claiming that he would ask the state and territory leaders to put the public holiday in place if Australia competes in the August 20 showdown.

“You see, public holidays are up to state and territory leaders,” he said.

“But you know what, we’ve got a National Cabinet coming up next week. I’ll be clearly putting the argument and I reckon they’ll they’ll fold like tents. They will go one after the other.

“Because if we can get there, that would be remarkable. It truly is the world game. I should note that the Diamonds had a fantastic win last night.”

Later in the interview, Albanese expressed how the Matildas’ efforts have been truly inspiring.

“This is a sport that is inspiring young kids,” he said.

“And the great thing about footy out of whatever code is that you learn how to win, you learn how to lose, you learn how to cooperate with your teammates. It’s really good socially as well.”

A spot in the finals is looking more and more likely for the Matildas after a stellar performance at this year’s World Cup competition so far.

The Matildas began their World Cup campaign with a 1-0 victory over a resilient Ireland team, replacement captain Steph Catley securing the winning goal in the second half of the match.

Although the Australian side was dealt a devastating blow to their finals hopes after suffering a 3-2 defeat at the hands of Nigeria on Thursday, July 28, the Matildas rallied in their next match to dominate Olympic champions Canada with a 4-0 triumph in front of an enthusiastic crowd at Melbourne Rectangular Stadium on Monday, July 31st.

The remarkable victory not only propelled them to Round 16 but also etched their name in history as they secured the top spot in their group for the first time in the World Cup.

With the impressive win under their belts, the Matildas are poised to approach the upcoming do-or-die match against Denmark with a surge of confidence and determination.

Former Australian soccer player and coach Heather Garriock told Channel 7 that she believes “we’ve got Denmark covered”.

“However, if they try to frustrate the Matildas – and that’s something that I would do – then it’s going to be a different story,” Garriock added.

Should Australia win against Denmark they will face off against either France or Morocco in the upcoming quarterfinals.

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