Piers Morgan’s tongue-in-cheek reaction to Australia’s Cricket World Cup victory

Nov 21, 2023
Morgan may not have taken Australia's victory well, but the elation among Aussie cricket enthusiasts was palpable. Source: Getty Images.

British media personality Piers Morgan, known for his unfiltered opinions, has once again taken the internet by storm with his sarcastic response to Australia’s triumph in the Cricket World Cup.

As the cricket world celebrated Australia’s stellar performance, Morgan couldn’t resist injecting his trademark wit into the conversation.

Following Australia’s thrilling victory over India, social media exploded with jubilation and congratulations. However, Morgan, never one to shy away from controversy, managed to stand out with his tongue-in-cheek remarks made on Twitter.

“Congrats to Australia on winning the World Cup. So well deserved after the Ashes debacle. I couldn’t be happier for you all,” he wrote alongside a gif of Jack Nicholson smashing plates in a scene from The Shining.

Morgan may not have taken Australia’s victory well, but the elation among Aussie cricket enthusiasts was palpable. Social media platforms buzzed with a deluge of congratulatory messages, as fans flooded the digital arena to celebrate the team’s triumphant performance in the match.

In light of Australia’s stellar performance in the match, it’s no wonder fans wasted no time showering the team with well-deserved accolades.

In a match defined by stellar performances, Travis Head emerged as the hero, earning the well-deserved title of Player of the Match. With remarkable finesse, he dismantled India’s world-class bowlers, crafting a masterful innings of 137 runs. This formidable display guided Australia to successfully chase down the 241-run target with a commanding 42 balls to spare.

His innings, embellished with 15 boundaries and four sixes, etched his name in history as the seventh cricketer and the third Australian to acheive a century in a World Cup final.

The partnership between Head and Marnus Labuschagne, who scored an unbeaten 58 from 110 balls, was nothing short of epic. Their formidable 192-run stand, the second-highest in World Cup finals, played a crucial role in saving Australia from an early collapse of 3-31 during the Powerplay.

Australia’s victory was not only a testament to their batting prowess but also to their strategic acumen on the field. Opting to bowl first, they executed a brilliant plan, using an array of slower balls and off-cutters to disrupt India’s middle order. Their superb fielding in the first innings set the tone for a commanding performance that culminated in lifting the World Cup trophy once again.

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