Peta brands dog shows ‘anti-feminist’, claims owners ‘support exploitation’

Activists hit out at dog owners in a scathing blog.

Animal rights activists Peta have claimed dog owners can’t be feminist, and accused some owners who take part in dog “pageants” of “funding sexual exploitation”.

A scathing blog post, titled “You can’t be a feminist and buy a dog” and published by the group’s American branch, noted the word “bitch”, the name for a female dog, is now an insult.

The blog read: “Apparently, it’s supposed to be an insult. Perhaps that’s because, in breeders’ circles, female dogs’ main purposes are to win beauty pageants and then to be bred repeatedly until their bodies wear out. And if you buy a dog, you are funding sexual exploitation.”

It went on to compare breeding of dogs to “the illicit sex trade”, adding: “In puppy mills and breeding operations, female dogs are trapped in a nightmare sickeningly similar to the illicit sex trade. Their bodies are controlled, manipulated, bought, and sold – all for the financial benefit of their peddlers.”

Pushing the strong statement home further, it then said: “Unfortunately, just like selling women, selling puppies can be profitable.”

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While many dog owners see shows as a chance to show off their prized pooches, and celebrate them with other like-minded people, Peta has accused top events like Crufts of contributing to misogyny.

In a statement to the Times, the UK branch of the organisation said: “Any institution that treats females as breeding machines is anti-feminist. Not only are dog shows such as Crufts creepy, they also encourage people to breed dogs purely for their physical appearance, commonly at the expense of their health.”

Calling for more pet owners to adopt, not buy, the blog post went on to slam breeders for treating “female dogs as moneymaking commodities,” and stated even “casual breeders” get their dogs pregnant at least once a year.

Peta has made no secret of its opposition to shows like Crufts, and just weeks ago, two protestors ran into the arena during the Birmingham event, as it celebrated its Best In Show category.

A spokeswoman for the Kennel Club, which runs Crufts, told several reports there is usually a balance between both male and female dogs taking part.

Meanwhile, secretary Caroline Kisko warned all breeders to adhere to the Animal Welfare Act, while speaking to the Times. She said it’s “crucial” for anyone thinking about getting a dog to do their research, ensuring they purchase their dog from a trustworthy place.

What do you think of Peta’s strong claims? Is it fair, or too far?

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