Over 60s reflect on the ‘good old days’ and the loss of freedom felt by the younger generation

Nov 05, 2022
Ovre 60s have called out lack of freedom and technology affecting kids. Source: Getty

There’s no doubt that the passage of time leaves its impression on us personally, however, it appears the wider world is not immune from these effects. 

Over 60s have taken to the online forum Reddit to remember the freedom that was experienced when they were kids, expressing concern for the younger generations who “are missing out on being kids”.


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Posting to the online forum Ask Old People, the debate started with the question: “What are kids/young adults missing out the most on compared to the good ol’ days?”

The general consensus among the senior respondents was that kids were monitored too closely nowadays, ultimately robbing today’s youth of the freedom that older generations experienced as children.

“When I hear about kids scheduled 24 hours a day or watched over by hovering parents, I almost feel privileged for the freedom I had to wander aimlessly through the streets looking for something to do,” one person responded.

“Roaming was important. From the time cartoons were done in the morning until the street lights came on, you were roaming. At most you might give your Mom (Moms rarely worked in the burbs) a hint at what direction you were heading but little more than a hint,” replied another.

“And that generated a far greater ability to entertain yourself without needing outside influence–YOU had to fix bored by actually doing something more than cramming electronics in your face.”

Others pointed out that life without technology and the constant inundation of media was a lot less stressful.

“I think young adults are missing out on the optimism of an unwritten future,” one person bestowed their wisdom.

“There’s such a strong narrative being re-enforced across all manner of media of how awful everything is going to be. It’s too much! Unplug from the 24hr news drama and dream and scheme and experiment and wander and explore and just believe that your future is bright, brimming with fulfilment and meaningful contribution, and a deep sense of who you are and what you’re about. Believe that the future, your future and everyone’s will be rich and rewarding, and then work towards that.

“I think optimism and a deep felt sense of belonging, of mattering, are things that young adults are sometimes without.”

Another person chimed in, claiming that growing up with technology means kids these days are missing out on “anonymity”.

“We did the stupidest stuff and there is little record of it. Thankfully,” they said.

“They have no chance of doing crazy/stupid stuff without being recorded and shared on the internet,” another person agreed.

“If they are being bullied at school the bullying isn’t limited to being picked on by a small number of people while at school; now it’s being bullied by thousands, 24/7, worldwide, via social media.”

“What do you think kids are missing out on that you got to experience in the ‘good ol’ days’?

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