Over 60s reflect on making life-altering decisions

Feb 11, 2023
Taking risks is a huge part in life. Source: Getty

Making life-changing decisions is risky, and the fear of whether or not your decision will pay off can be debilitating.

However, unless you decide to take that leap of faith, and free fall into the unknown, you’ll never know what could be in store for you.

Taking to the online forum of Reddit, over 60s reflected on whether their risk-taking was worth it after one user asked: “Did you ever make a big, dramatic risk-it-all, life-changing decision? Do you regret it or recommend it?”

The responses came in thick and fast with many reflecting on experiences that they initially thought were negative but ended up changing their life for the better. 

“When I was 41 I had what was essentially a nervous breakdown and decided that I was moving to another city,” one user wrote.

“In 6 months I quit my job, moved from Atlanta to Nashville, worked temp jobs for a couple of months then found a job I was at for 15 years. I own my own home (or will in 2 years) and have wonderful, close friends.

“I don’t know if it was the right decision compared to what might have been in Atlanta, but I’m happy with my life and in a very good place, so no regrets and yeah, I’d recommend it. Not the nervous breakdown part tho.”

Another user reflected on their decision to let go of everything they knew, freeing themselves to find the life they have now.

“Yes, two times that were bigger than anything else. First at 30 I actually considered that the religion I was raised in might be wrong, which it was, I was in a cult,” they said.

“5 years later I sold everything except for enough stuff to do freelance work and moved across the country, which eventually led me to Los Angeles and the film industry.

“Today I live a life I never imagined possible. Knowing what it’s like to lose everything for a different life, and then seeing that through to eventual success is a journey that I’d wish for anyone to experience.”

Even when the decision didn’t pay off in the end, many seniors said they were still happy they decided to take the risk anyway.

“The woman I was secretly in love with for nearly my entire adult life that I never thought I would get a second chance with came back into my life and I took a wrecking ball to my entire life to get a second chance with her,” one user said.

“Zero regrets, best decision I ever made even though she just broke up with me.

“I hurt people because of that decision that I didn’t want to hurt but they later showed that they didn’t deserve to be in my life anyways.”

What life-altering decisions have you made that paid off?


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