Over 60s open up about what they no longer have patience for as they age

Dec 11, 2022
Seniors reveal how time has effected their tolerance. Source: Getty Images.

Time is one of the most powerful influences of change in life and nothing goes untouched by time’s effect as the days and years roll by.

As the times change, so too do our bodies and minds, leading to whole new perspectives in life.


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Asking the senior community on the online forum Ask Old People on Reddit, one curious user wanted to know how tolerance changes as you age.

“What did you used to tolerate that you don’t have patience or energy for anymore?,” they asked the over 60s.

“In regards to friends, relationships, family, beliefs, work, whatever fits in your scenario.”

One of the most prominent answers amongst the senior community was cutting out relationships that no longer brought fulfillment to life.

“I found myself putting in the lions share of effort in my friendships and made a conscious decision to stop reaching out. Lo and behold, two of the friends who weren’t pulling their weight began reaching out to me. People like- and respect, boundaries and expectations,” one person wrote.

“Or alternatively, it becomes clear that it was a one sided relationship, and it effectively ends. That is also a positive outcome,” another added.

“Toxic family members, and quitting a mentally draining job. I feel as if I have figured out how to really live my life after cutting the cords. Never been better!”

“Meanwhile, others said they simply eliminated doing things they didn’t see value in, saying life was too short to waste on something you don’t enjoy.

“Attending things I don’t want to and keeping my mouth shut to keep the peace while everyone else speaks their mind and expects me to be ok with it. I no longer go if it’s not something I want to do,” someone said.

“Finishing a book I don’t like. So many more books to read to spend time on one that’s not interesting to me.”

“I used to pride myself on having the fortitude to finish every book I started. I suffered through a lot of atrociously bad books with no benefit other than being able to drone on about how bad the book was. I can do that without reading the whole thing,” one person commented.

Others said they no longer had the patience for time-consuming outings that involved large crowds or long lines.

However, it seems the tolerance level for cold-call sales might just be the one thing untouched by time, as many agreed they had no patience at all for it.

“I used to be extremely polite to salesmen calling me and knocking on my door. I’m old now with zero fucks left. If I say “no thank you” and they keep talking or put on the pressure, I shut the door in their faces. I don’t even answer the phone anymore,” someone said.

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