Over $1000 in energy bill relief on the way for seniors in one lucky state

May 02, 2024
Eligible seniors, pensioners, and concession card holders are poised to reap even greater rewards from the relief package. Source: Russell Freeman/AAP PHOTOS.

Queenslanders are set to receive some much-needed relief from rising power bills after Premier Steven Miles announced all households across the state will receive a $1,000 rebate on their electricity bills from July this year.

Eligible seniors, pensioners, and concession card holders are poised to reap even greater rewards from the relief package, receiving a slightly higher $1,372 off their power bills.

The rebates are expected to ease the pressure on household budgets currently contesting with the rising costs of mortgage payments, rent, groceries, and fuel amid the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Queensland Premier Steven Miles announced the major cash injection on Thursday, May 2 in response to such financial pressures impacting Queenslanders.

“Queenslanders tell me that inflation and rising mortgage payments, rents and grocery prices are their biggest concern,” he said.

“I said we would use the budget to deliver cost of living relief but I’ve decided its too urgent to wait that long.

“We are delivering the biggest cost of living relief package in Queensland history to back Queenslanders in the fight against inflation.

“The budget will include $1,000 off every Queensland household’s power bill – the biggest direct energy rebate to Queensland households, ever.

“These rebates will be applied to bills in the first quarter of the next financial year (2024-25).

“This follows the success of the current $550 rebate provided to households this year, which has helped lower electricity bills by 9.5 per cent and bring down inflation.

“A lower energy bill puts more money back in the pockets of Queenslanders.”

In what will no doubt be welcome news to Queenslanders, the latest rebate is expected to halve the average yearly power bill over the next financial year.

For those outside of Queensland, there are numerous avenues available to save money on your next bill.

To make sure you don’t pay a dollar more than you should for power, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) highly recommends calling your energy provider and asking the following simple questions:

  • How does my current plan compare with the ‘reference’ price? (a higher percentage off the reference price will usually be a better deal).
  • Do you have a better deal at the moment? (Don’t forget to ask how long a deal lasts).
  • Are there any conditional discounts on your plans? (Check if you could save more by paying on time or setting up a direct debit).

In addition to asking the right questions, minor adjustments to how you consume energy could also make a major difference to that monthly budget.

Previous research by Finder.com.au found that consumers could save hundreds of dollars simply by changing their energy habits.

Switching to cold water clothes washes, using the abundant Australian sun to dry your washing, reducing shower time, and switching off unnecessary lights and appliances are all quick and easy ways to reduce energy usage.

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