Online community rallies behind renter’s battle for peace against a roaring appliance

Dec 12, 2023
Fellow users flooded the post with a torrent of support, sympathising with the renter's struggle and showering them with commendations for the warmth in their letter. Source: Getty Images.

In a peaceful apartment complex, a note slipped under a door has sparked a wave of online support after a frustrated renter, dealing with a noisy fan from an upstairs neighbour, turned to Reddit for advice.

Posting under the title Am I Being A Crazy Neighbour?, user Fun_Response_1151 explained their situation. Having lived in the building for only four months without any previous issues, they sought guidance on dealing with the newfound noise problem caused by a recently installed fan.

“Hello! I’ve never posted before, but I really need advice for my current situation. I moved into my apartment about four months ago. I love it here. For the most part, the community is really quiet, despite being located in a huge city. The people seem nice, though I typically keep to myself. I hardly ever hear any noise from my neighbors to my left and right. My upstairs neighbors make some noise, and that’s fine! People are allowed to walk around in their own dang home (although why are they moving furniture around at 11pm?). Expecting an apartment to be completely silent is silly. We have wood floors, so sounds travel from one floor to the next,” they explained.

“All that being said, recently, my upstairs neighbors have been running some sort of appliance (I’m assuming it’s a box fan) for hours and hours on end. I’m talking day and night. It started a couple days ago, ran all night, stopped the next day, started again, then hasn’t stopped since. The vibrations that travel into my apartment through the ceiling are very loud. When I first heard them, I thought it was a helicopter hovering over our apartment building. They’re strong enough that the lights on my Christmas tree are shaking. I can feel the vibrations through my couch as I’m sitting here writing this. It’s wild.

“Normally, I would NEVER be the kind of person to confront someone. However, I feel like I’m really going to go insane sitting in my home hearing what sounds like someone pummeling my ceiling for hours on end. So, I decided to write the neighbor a note before going to management.

“Is the note too much? Am I being the crazy, sensitive neighbor?”

Source: Reddit.

Fellow users flooded the post with a torrent of support, sympathising with the renter’s struggle and showering them with commendations for the warmth in their letter.

“As someone who has lived in apartments their entire adult life, this is the kind of note I would love to get if I ever got one. Super nice, understanding, and the “lol” might make you seem super young but it does help let them know you’re not being an asshole about it,” one person wrote.

“Naw you’re good. Hopefully they are decent people,” commented another.

“No, that’s actually a legitimate complaint. I’ve been a victim of an absolutely insane downstairs neighbor, so I’m usually on the side of the upstairs people, but this is an exception. I hope they are reasonable neighbors and you get it sorted out,” another sympathised.

“No your not being a crazy neighbor. It’s a super polite note, but honestly, I’d probably just throw it away. My complex has rules stating that if there is a problem, you must go through the front office. It is not ‘petty’ to state the issue with the front office. it is for the comfort of everyone in the complex,” suggested one user.

“Nah, note is fine. If I received this I would attempt to fix it. But that’s me, a sane, rational person,” said another user.

Fortunately, the letter appeared to do the trick, and the noisy fan fell silent as soon as the neighbours returned home a few hours later.

“So far, no more vibrating I can feel in my bones! All in all, everything went about as well as could be expected,” Fun_Response_1151 wrote.

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