One hilarious response to a doctor’s advice to put a bar in the shower

His hilarious response had people in stitches.

For most, visits to the doctor become more and more frequent the older you get, as do the warnings about maintaining good heath and avoiding a fall. And while these are all legitimate concerns, some older folk may feel slightly offended at the suggestion that they can’t complete the easiest of tasks.

One social media user, however, managed to see the funny side of being told by their doctor they needed to install a bar in the shower. These bars are meant to help provide balance a support while standing on a potentially slippery floor, but the Facebook user turned the instruction into an excuse to build themselves a ‘wet bar’ of an unusual kind.

“My doctor told me, now that I’m getting older. I need to install a bar in my shower. What do y’all think?” they wrote.

Except instead of a cylindrical silver bar bolted to the shower wall, the image showed bottles of alcohol where the shampoo and shower gel should have been and vodka and glassware on the marble shower caddies.

While the gender of the poster was unclear, many thought they were onto a great idea.

Facebook users were quick to make their own jokes about shower ‘bar’, with many jealous that they don’t have one of their own.

“I’m jealous, I wish my doctor gave me these types of recommendations,” Castillo Mery said, while Don Snyder commented: “Ahahaha, now everyone knows why I shower before bed. ”

One user pointed out that if he had a bar in his shower he would install another shelf just for wine. Others were surprised that they had never thought of doing this before with at least one saying “I need this in my life”.

Have you had an instruction like this from the doctor? How did you respond? Would you like your own shower ‘wet bar’?

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