New poll reveals possible reason for ‘Yes’ vote freefall as Voice to Parliament referendum approaches

As support for the Voice to Parliament continues to plummet, one poll reveals muddled messaging as a potential reason. Source: Getty Images

Yet another poll, this time from the RedBridge Group, has revealed that the Voice to Parliament Yes vote is still nose-diving with their survey showing weak campaign messaging as a possible reason for the lack of support.

With only a few weeks remaining until Australia votes on the Voice to Parliament, those in favour of the historic move are tracking below 40 per cent and the RedBridge Group is putting some of this down to muddled campaign messaging from the Yes team.

In a recent tweet, Kos Samara, Director at the RedBridge Group said after testing the main campaign messages utilised by both Yes and No camps, they found that the No campaign had “correctly identified the best persuasive messages for their proposition” while the Yes campaign had “completely botched it” when it came to messaging.

Samara’s tweet reveals the most compelling reasons people are voting Yes and No. He said, “30% of those planning to vote Yes are doing so for reasons unknown to the Yes campaign.”

Regarding the Yes camp’s botched messaging, he said they were “trying to win this referendum by driving down a dark road without headlights”.

A recent Newspoll from The Australian also spelled bad news for the Yes campaign, revealing that approximately 53 per cent of respondents do not support the proposed indigenous advisory committee.

As support for the Voice to Parliament quickly wanes, influential voices such as 3AW host Neil Mitchell are calling on Prime Minister Albanese to postpone it.

Mitchell said that he feared that if the Voice is beaten, as seems likely, there will be increased division and resentment.

He suggested that Albanese adopt a different tactic. “Delay the vote and sit down with the Opposition and whoever else is necessary to work out a deal”.

“Get recognition of Indigenous people through the Constitution and find a way to make something like a Voice work in detail,” he said.

Mitchell added that it may be embarrassing but it would be genuine leadership from Albanese to do what is right for the country.



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