Millennials are trying to ‘cancel’ Baby Boomers for these 8 things

Dec 05, 2021
Baby Boomers' views and attitudes are copping plenty of criticism by younger generations. Source: Getty.

Intergenerational angst seems to be rife these days, with many Millennials and Gen Zs complaining that the Baby Boomers in their lives are continuing with long-outdated practices and ideas. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the list is rather long. Below are some of the key things younger generations are currently attempting to “cancel”. 

1. The “customer is always right” excuse

Millennials are saying that older generations are preventing employees from defending themselves with the customer-is-always-right excuse. “The service you get as a customer is a privilege, not a right, and you’d better believe you can be denied service,” said one. 

2. The “workhorse” mentality 

Younger generations are expressing that their job does not need to be their whole life when they’re being paid a “mediocre wage”. One person said, “My sanity is worth more to me than my work. Quit asking your employees to give all of their energy and time to their jobs.”


3. Overly loyal political views 

Another said they’re over Baby Boomers “supporting a political candidate just because they represent a particular party, regardless of their behaviour, and [having] loyalty to that party no matter what. You’re allowed to think a candidate [from your preferred party] is a piece of garbage.”

While another said that Baby Boomers’ political views “serve no one but the very wealthy”. “[They only vote] against their own best interest out of spite.” 

4. Lack of support politically for having kids

“Constantly voting against anything that could make having kids easier, and then complaining about declining birth rates [and telling us to have kids],” another complained. 

5. Avoiding tech and electronics 

Some have said they want Baby Boomers to change their views on electronics. “If they’d had electronics when they were kids, I’m damn sure they would’ve rather played with those than head outside to play in dirt,” complained one.

Also, “My father refuses to even get Wi-Fi and any kind of computer at home because ‘that’s how they get you.’ I am his personal online shopper, his look-it-up person, everything. It’s really annoying that he won’t educate himself on even the basics,” wrote another. 

6. Home ownership pressure

Younger people are also complaining about the pressure they feel Baby Boomers put on them to buy a house. “You could buy a house for the price of a coffee, whereas we’re stuck in the rent cycle for years, and then shamed for little pleasures like avocado toast.”

7. Calling unhealthy habits “personality traits”

Youngsters also want Baby Boomers to stop calling their unhealthy habits “personality traits”. I.e. “Treating alcoholism like a quirky personality trait and not a serious problem … is not okay at all,” said one.

8. And the “do it my way” attitude 

Younger generations want Baby Boomers to stop saying: “’The way I did it was…’ and ‘All you need to do is…’ as those do not even remotely apply to the younger generations. Your advice is neither useful or helpful. Just stop.”

Are there any Millennial or Gen Z mentalities that you're not too fond of?

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