Melbourne mum shares how she saves big on groceries with her $10 meals

$10 meals that will help stretch those budgets further. Source: Getty Images.

With skyrocketing grocery prices showing no signs of coming down to earth, retirees are increasingly feeling the pinch in their back pockets.

However, one Melbourne mum has offered up a beacon of hope through her quick and easy budget-friendly $10 meals for those tirelessly trying to make ends meet.

Tik Tok influencer and mother of four, Brooke Schrempf-Dixon, is used to making her hard-earned dollars go that much further in the kitchen.

Her recipes and tips, shared through her Tik Tok handle @aussiemomcooks, have received thousands of hits with some having gone viral across Australia and the world.

About all the attention she tells 7 News, “People are struggling more than ever”.

“It makes me want to keep going. How can I make cheaper versions of my meals?” she adds.

Using budget-friendly everyday pantry items, Brooke has wowed her audience with her inexpensive recipes that are also wholesome and filling.

For those who like something spicy, especially ahead of the cooler months, her Red Thai Chicken Curry is a real crowd-pleaser.

@aussiemumcooks Red Thai chicken curry $10 dinner 1 of 6 from our $60 meal shop #10dollarmealchallenge #weeklymealplanning #budgetmeals #quickdinners #quickdinners #redcurry #chicken ♬ original sound – Brooke Schrempf-Dixon

Her followers loved it and expressed their satisfaction on her page.

“I cooked this for my family tonight. Everyone ate it! This is so rare in our house! It was amazing!!!”

“Hell yes the series I’ve been waiting on.”

For something that would go well as a lunch or dinner, Brooke also shared her BBQ Chicken Slider recipe.

@aussiemumcooks Thank you @hailey for choosing tonight’s $10 dinner from our first live today. Yes I know it lacks nutritional value, but is exactly what we felt like on this cold Melbourne Friday night after a long week. Any win with this kids is a bonus too. #10dollarmealchallenge #weeklymealplanning #quickdinners #budgetmeals #chicken #sliders #bbqchicken #sweetchili ♬ original sound – Brooke Schrempf-Dixon

The recipe was a win for her followers who planned to make the comfort meal imminently.

“I made this tonight. Absolutely beautiful thank you for sharing this recipe.”

“Making this tmrw! looks so delicious.”

Another highly anticipated choice was Brooke’s Chicken Satay recipe.

@aussiemumcooks Replying to @Sinead this is number 3 of our 6 meals for $60 and tonight was satay chicken. Have this over rice, noodles , on sewers or with a salad! Im still gushing over how good this was! Definitely my favourite so far! See you all tomorrow for the next one #10dollarmealchallenge #weeklymealplanning #quickdinners #budgetmeals #chicken #satay #cheapdinnerideas ♬ original sound – Brooke Schrempf-Dixon

Brooke thanked her followers for the tremendous exposure she has received while they applauded her delicious recipe.

“Tried this for dinner tonight. It was delicious.”

“This is super yummy, I normally add a chilli from my garden for extra spice, but it’s super tastey without.”

And for something sweet, Brooke offered up her $10 dessert, Aeroplane Jelly Flummery! This cheap and easy pudding only requires three ingredients.

@aussiemumcooks Tonight’s $10 meal challenge is a dessert! This old school flummery is a cheap and easy dessert that takes me back to my childhood. What’s even better is if you don’t want to garnish with cream and strawberries it’s only a $3.10 recipe for 8 servings. #aeroplanejelly #jellygoodtimes #ad ♬ original sound – Brooke Schrempf-Dixon

Brooke said her nana loved making this dessert for her grandkids because it was cheap, easy to make and absolutely delicious.

This is certainly good news for grandparents across Australia looking to spoil their grandchildren with a delicious sweet treat without breaking the bank.

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