Maggie Smith says Downton Abbey ruined her life

Dame Maggie Smith has been an on-screen favourite for years.

Esteemed British actress Maggie Smith has claimed Downton Abbey had a “ridiculous” effect on her life and ruined her anonymity.

The actress was chatting with the British Film Institute last month when she made the revelation, but didn’t seem too put out by her lack of privacy.

Smith played family matriarch Violet Crawley on the hit show that propelled her to a new level of fame around the world.

“It’s ridiculous. I lead a perfectly normal life until Downton Abbey,” she said with indignation.

“I’d go to the theatre and galleries and now I can’t and that’s awful.”

Rather than being too bitter about it though, Smith kept a wry smile on her face and seemed to find the whole thing more amusing than anything else.

“It’s truely television,” she said.

“I’d be working around for a very long time before Downton Abbey and nobody knew who the hell I was and now it’s all has changed.”

Later, she revealed that she’s never watched an episode of the historical drama because she detests watcher herself on screen.

It’s always weird seeing yourself [on screen],” she said. “Mirrors are tricky enough!”

Take a look at the interview here! She really is all class, isn’t she?

Have you watched Downton Abbey? Are you a fan of Maggie Smith?

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