Longing for love: Mia, the resilient pup, searches for her forever home

Feb 25, 2024
the compassionate team at RSPCA SA has worked tirelessly to transform Mia into a hopeful survivor, ready to embrace the warmth of a permanent home. Source: RSPCA South Australia.

In an emotional tale of resilience and yearning, Mia, a three-year-old mixed-breed dog, has become the face of a poignant campaign by RSPCA South Australia to secure her a loving forever home.

Mia’s journey has extended to an agonising 600 days in the shelter, making her the enduring symbol of a pup desperately searching for a place to call her own.

Mia’s story unfolds from a rocky beginning, marked by allegations of abuse and a tumultuous start to life.

“She was incredibly fearful and timid when she first came to our Lonsdale shelter, and in fact this was the reason given by the people surrendering her, who advised us that they had bought Mia in a private sale,” Sam Margrave, who oversees RSPCA SA foster care, said.

“They told us that they tried to rehome her via online sites, and that several people who saw the advertisement had told them that they recognised the dog and that she had suffered abuse.”

Despite her initial timidity, the compassionate team at RSPCA SA has worked tirelessly to transform Mia into a hopeful survivor, ready to embrace the warmth of a permanent home.

Rhapsody Auckett, Mia’s devoted foster carer, stands as a beacon of support in Mia’s turbulent quest for love. Despite facing the heartbreak of three adoptions and returns, each time through unforeseen circumstances, Mia has blossomed under Auckett’s care, showcasing an incredible capacity for trust and affection.

Margrave shed light on the hurdles Mia still faces in finding her forever home. The reasons for her returns range from size concerns to personal issues, echoing the cycle of hope and disappointment that has defined Mia’s journey.

However, Auckett’s efforts, coupled with the unwavering support of the RSPCA team, have turned Mia into a symbol of resilience and hope.

“Whatever her past life story is, the dog who arrived at our shelter 19 months ago is not the dog we have now, thanks to the work put in by Rhapsody and the rest of Mia’s ever-growing cheer squad,” Margrave said.

“Mia has learnt to trust people again – it’s been incredibly heart-warming to witness her transformation.

“She’s very affectionate, very responsive to the positive-reinforcement training we promote, has lived with a cat and would make a wonderful dog for a family with older children.”

Margrave explained that “the ideal home for Mia is one where someone is home more often than not, with people who recognise that she is an amazing survivor with so much love to give, and who want to be part of her healing journey.”

“I guarantee I won’t be the only one crying when this very special dog finds her forever home,” Margrave said.

For more information about Mia and to potentially be a part of her heartwarming story, visit RSPCA SA’s adoption page or call the Mia Hotline at 0427 725 692.



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