‘Lock them up’: Outrage after vandals deface Molly Meldrum sculpture

Aug 03, 2023
Molly Meldrum has reportedly been left feeling quite distressed by the act. Source: Getty Images.

In an act that has shocked and saddened fans nationwide, the statue of beloved Australian music icon Molly Meldrum was found defaced in a brazen act of vandalism.

The statue, erected in Melbourne, has stood as a tribute to the influential music journalist and TV presenter for five years, making the incident all the more devastating to those who hold Meldrum dear to their hearts.

Under the cover of darkness, the alleged vandals struck the statue, painting red streams from Molly’s eyes and covering his dog Ziggy in the same red paint.

Meldrum has reportedly been left feeling quite distressed by the act.

“What a shame and how disappointing and disrespectful to a music legend,” Meldrum’s manager Mark Klemens told the Herald Sun.

Fans of Meldrum were quick to express their outrage on social media, expressing their anger over the “disgraceful” act.

The act of vandalism follows the intense backlash Meldrum received after a series of bizarre public incidents recently.

The first incident which garnered concern from his fans was when Meldrum made headlines after being brought up on stage during Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road show on Friday, January 13 where he proceeded to expose his bare buttocks to the crowd.

Following the incident, Meldrum later admitted that he “got carried away” once he took to the stage and that his “belt buckle broke”, his “pants were falling down” and “one thing led to another”.

Later in the year footage was shared by The Daily Mail of Meldrum allegedly exposing his genitalia and urinating on the floor while attending a Rod Stewart concert.

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