Local council ignites festive furore over ‘woke’ Christmas campaign

Dec 16, 2023
Those passionate about preserving the tradition of Christmas have rallied behind the cause, adding their signatures and voices to the growing movement. Source: Getty Images.

As families across Australia deck the halls and prepare for the festive season, one quaint Aussie suburb is lighting up with more than just holiday cheer.

The air is thick with controversy as a local council’s “woke” Christmas campaign has ignited a seasonal storm, leaving residents in both awe and outrage.

So what’s causing a stir among residents? Well, this year, the City of Stonnington decided to jazz up its Christmas messaging with the slogan ‘Make Merry’ rather than the traditional ‘Merry Christmas’.

In what was intended to be a celebration of inclusivity and modern values, the City of Stonnington’s festive initiative has taken an unexpected turn, with critics arguing that it is stripping away the traditional essence of Christmas.

Adding fuel to the festive fire, a group of concerned residents has mobilised, putting together a petition in opposition to the altered messaging.

“We are petitioning to express our concern regarding the recent use of ‘Make Merry’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’ on Stonnington council holiday signs,” petition organiser Mikhail Anossovitch wrote.

“While we appreciate efforts to promote inclusivity, we believe this change may unintentionally diminish the cultural and religious significance of Christmas for many residents. Christmas is a time-honored celebration, and the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ has long been embraced as a warm and traditional greeting.

“We understand and respect the importance of diversity, and our aim is to foster an inclusive environment that respects the various traditions within our community. However, replacing ‘Merry Christmas’ with ‘Make Merry’ risks diluting the unique cultural heritage associated with this festive season.

“We kindly request that the local council reconsider this change and restore ‘Merry Christmas’ on holiday signs. This adjustment would not only honor the cultural and religious significance of the season but also ensure a positive and inclusive message that resonates with the majority of our local community.

“By signing this petition, we express our support for maintaining the cherished tradition of wishing each other a ‘Merry Christmas’ during this joyous time.”

Source: Change.org/ Mikhail-Anossovitch.

A groundswell of support has emerged for the petition opposing the altered holiday messaging. Those passionate about preserving the tradition of Christmas have rallied behind the cause, adding their signatures and voices to the growing movement.

“This is absurd woke-ism that our spineless council needs to be called out on. Wasting taxpayer money on this downright offensive nonsense,” one passionate festive fan wrote.

“It’s Christmas!”

“It’s a respect to the traditional values.”

“It’s excluding everyone from Christmas – but it’s what you would expect from woke council muppets!”

“Council should represent its ratepayers not its own personal political POV,” stated another.

“I believe in the joy of Christmas!”

In response to the festive furore, the local council issued a statement in which they remained firm in their commitment to fostering an inclusive environment.

“The ‘Make Merry’ campaign was developed in response to feedback from residents and businesses that articulated the need for an inclusive way to acknowledge the different celebrations held in December,” the statement read.

“The decorations aim to bring a festive feel to Stonnington’s commercial precincts and support our local businesses and traders by attracting visitors to our shopping precincts.

“The motifs on the design are symbols associated with celebrating Christmas. Council also hosts two Christmas carol events, celebrates Christmas within our libraries and has Christmas trees in high-profile locations, including the 12m tree in Prahran Square.”

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