King Charles marks coronation anniversary with moving video

May 08, 2024
Source: Getty Images.

A year on from the historic coronation of King Charles, the Monarch himself has marked the occasion with a moving video to remember the monumental event.

Despite facing personal health challenges, the 75-year-old King, alongside Queen Camilla, chose to commemorate their ascension to the throne with a poignant tribute shared on social media.

The footage, beginning with scenes of the King graciously greeting well-wishers on The Mall outside Buckingham Palace on the eve of the coronation, serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of the royal family.

Crowned at Westminster Abbey on May 6, 2023, following the passing of his beloved mother, Queen Elizabeth, the ceremony marked not only a transition of power but also a continuation of a legacy rooted in tradition and duty.

Accompanying the video was a caption inviting followers to reminisce about their favourite moments from the coronation weekend.

“Today marks the first anniversary of The King and Queen’s Coronation in Westminster Abbey,” the caption read.

“As well as the service itself, the Coronation Weekend saw a carriage procession through central London, a fly-past, a Royal Salute by 4,000 troops in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, a Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle and a UK-wide volunteering initiative.

“What’s your favourite memory of the weekend?”


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Royal enthusiasts seized the opportunity to reflect on the significance of the occasion, with one admirer describing it as “monumental” and another expressing admiration for the Royal Family’s unity and resilience in the face of recent health challenges.

“It was monumental!!” one wrote.

“Loved the coronation ceremony and the most historical moment watching the Prince become our king…with all the health issues within the family it’s lovely to see how supportive they are to each other ..our Queen would be very proud of them all.”

“Can’t believe it’s a year already and my son & I were there. Amazing day and memory to have,” commented another.

“Such a joyous weekend, everyone coming together celebrating a moment in history.”

“Hard to believe it’s been a full year. A wonderful weekend of celebrations for an important day in British history. Thank you for your service and doing your duty, especially with all the health problems you’re going through. God save the King.”

“It was a Fantastic Day. God Save The King.”

As the video continues to circulate on social media, it serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience and strength embodied by King Charles and the Royal Family, resonating deeply with supporters across the globe.

As they navigate through challenges, their unwavering commitment to duty and service remains an enduring symbol of hope and inspiration.

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