King Charles extends heartfelt congratulations to newly crowned King Frederik and Queen Mary

Jan 15, 2024
Charles was certainly not the only one extending his warm wishes. Messages of congratulations flooded in from around the world after the pair's ascension, especially for our very own Mary. Source: Getty Images/ AP Photo.

In a remarkable display of unity and camaraderie among monarchs, King Charles has emerged as one of the first to extend warm congratulations to the newly crowned King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark.

Australia’s own Queen Mary gracefully ascended to the throne alongside her husband King Frederik on Sunday, January 14 in a historic ceremony.

Following the momentous occasion, King Charles wasted no time in conveying his well wishes to the new King and Queen of Denmark on social media.

“My wife joins me in writing to convey our very best wishes on the day of your accession to the throne of the Kingdom of Denmark,” he wrote.

“I look forward to working with you on ensuring that the enduring bond between our countries, and our families, remains strong, and to working together with you on issues which matter so much for our countries and the wider world.

“I pay tribute to the many years of service of your mother, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II, and remember fondly the frequent visits between our countries, including our visit to Copenhagen and Elsinore in 2012,” he added.

“I was delighted that Your Majesties were able to attend our coronation last year and I much look forward to future opportunities to celebrate the close connection which unites our countries and our families.”

Charles was certainly not the only one extending his warm wishes. Messages of congratulations flooded in from around the world after the pair’s ascension, especially for our very own Mary.

The captivating ascension ceremony took place just weeks after the announcement of Queen Margrethe II’s abdication, concluding her remarkable 52-year reign as Europe’s longest-serving monarch.

Upon signing the abdication declaration, Queen Margrethe gracefully rose and gestured for Frederik to assume her seat, proclaiming “God save the King” before gracefully exiting the room. Set against the majestic backdrop of Christiansborg Castle, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen officially declared Frederik as the new King of Denmark, exclaiming, “Long live his majesty King Frederik the 10th.”

Sharing the balcony with Frederik was Mary who now holds the title of Queen, alongside their children: 18-year-old Christian, the heir to the throne, 16-year-old Princess Isabelle, and the 13-year-old twins, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent.

Addressing the captivated audience in Copenhagen, King Frederik shared his vision of being a unifying monarch for the future, a role he had meticulously prepared for throughout his entire life.

“My hope is to be a unifying King of tomorrow,” he told the crowd.

“It’s an assignment I’ve been preparing for my entire life.

“It’s a responsibility I’m taking on with respect, pride and immense joy.”

The 55-year-old King said he started this new journey comforted by the fact that he had his wife and family by his side.

“I need all the support I can get from my beloved wife, my family and from God,” he said.

Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, Queen Mary and King Frederik sealed the moment with a tender kiss on the balcony, prompting the crowd to erupt in cheers while the Danish national anthem resonated through the capital.

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