Kensington Palace offers update on Princess Catherine’s return to public duties amid health battle

May 23, 2024
As Princess Catherine's absence from the public eye continues, the Palace has provided details regarding when she may return to public duties. Source: Getty Images.

After Princess Catherine took a step back from public duties following her cancer diagnosis, speculation has run rife as to when she might make a return to the public eye.

The Palace’s previous announcement that she would resume public duties shortly after Easter only heightened the optimism of royal enthusiasts, who eagerly anticipate seeing their beloved royal soon.

Despite reportedly working on some royal matters behind the scenes, such as her involvement in the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, Kensington Palace has revealed that Catherine will not be returning to public duties for now.

“The princess is not expected to return to work until it’s cleared by her medical team,” a Kensington Palace spokesperson revealed to the BBC.

“Early childhood will continue to be central to her public work.”

Despite the update from the Palace, Catherine’s ongoing absence has fuelled concern among royal watchers.

One such figure who holds concerns for Princess Catherine is the BBC’s former royal correspondent Michael Cole, who recently questioned her whereabouts.

“I do worry about Catherine”, Cole told GBN America.

“She delivered her message brilliantly to us and she gave hope.

“She held out her hand to cancer sufferers everywhere.

“She said that she told her children, ‘mummy is going to be OK’.

“It was initially said she would go back to public life after Easter. It’s good news that the King’s treatment is being effective, but we have to wonder what is going on with Kate?

“Obviously, at the same time, we wish her the very best of good fortune and a speedy and complete recovery.”

Despite the concerns, Prince William recently provided a reassuring update on Princess Catherine’s well-being during a recent royal engagement.

The Prince’s update came during his visit to James’ Place in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, where he learned about the vital support the charity offers to men in suicidal crisis in the region.

William toured the building and spent time meeting staff and those who have been supported by the charity, before officially opening the site.

As Prince William left the centre, he met with well-wishers eager to inquire about Princess Catherine’s health.

Among them was Julie Cain, 60, who delicately broached the subject, asking, “Do you mind if I ask how your wife and children are?”

Responding with warmth and gratitude, Prince William replied, “All doing well, thank you. Yes, we’re doing well.”

Despite her return to public life being delayed for now, it’s clear that the public eagerly awaits the day Princess Catherine graces their presence once again.

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