Kathleen Folbigg set to share her story ‘in her own words’ during tell-all interview

Oct 11, 2023
Sunrise host Natalie Barr, who conducted the interview, told New Idea that she "jumped at the chance" to sit down with Folbigg given that she "thought it was a fascinating story". Source: Facebook/ @justiceforkathleenfolbigg.

Kathleen Folbigg is set to sit down for an exclusive interview that promises to share her side of the story and explore the emotional toll of her conviction and her life behind bars.

Folbigg was imprisoned in 2003 after being convicted for the deaths of her children—Sarah, Caleb, Laura, and Patrick—occurring between 1989 and 1999.

However, a recent inquiry into her murder and manslaughter convictions revealed fresh scientific evidence which found there was “reasonable doubt” regarding Folbigg’s guilty verdict.

Folbigg, who has always maintained her innocence, was released on Monday, June 5 after having completed 20 years of her 25-year sentence.

In a sneak peek of the upcoming 7News Spotlight interview scheduled to broadcast on Sunday, October 15, Folbigg shares her experience of being branded a “kid killer” presumably by fellow inmates during her incarceration.

Meanwhile, Lindy Chamberlain, who was once wrongly convicted and subsequently exonerated in the tragic loss of her daughter, expressed on the show that, “there is nothing more horrendous than being accused of killing your own child”.

Sunrise host Natalie Barr, who conducted the interview, told New Idea that she “jumped at the chance” to sit down with Folbigg given that she “thought it was a fascinating story”.

“It’s a different kind of journalism compared to what we do on Sunrise – you think about the story night and day for quite a few weeks and months,” she explained.

“I haven’t really done long-form interviews like this very much … but I loved it.”

Barr later revealed that she “was surprised” by Folbigg’s strength and “her lack of bitterness” despite all that she has gone through.

“There are so many twists and turns in this case – for 20 years, everyone else has spoken for Kathleen Folbigg and now for the first time we’re going to hear from her in her own words,” she said.

“People have judged that woman, now she gets to say what happened in detail as she pieces this puzzle together.”

While the upcoming tell-all interview promises to delve deeper into Folbigg’s story, the 56-year-old has previously reflected on the weight of the past and the prospect of rebuilding her life.

After so many years spent behind bars, Folbigg said that adjusting to the realities of life outside prison walls will take some time.

“It probably will be a while before I sort of go, ‘Okay, yeah. That Kathleen person’s actually me.’ So yeah,” she previously told 7News Spotlight.

“I always see myself just as a very simple Nova Castrum, Newcastle girl, who, though I might have lost four children, led a very normal life.”

Undeterred by her past and the years spent behind bars, Folbigg explained that she is embracing an optimistic outlook for what lies ahead.

“For me … I’d like to think that people can take away a message that you can survive it, you can move on from it. And that, for me, the future is everything. And your future is anything,” she said at the time.

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