Jock Zonfrillo’s widow shares moving update as the one-year anniversary of his passing approaches

Apr 29, 2024
In a poignant video message posted on her Instagram account on Saturday, April 27, Lauren reflected on the challenges she has faced in the past year. Source: Getty Images.

As the culinary world prepares to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the passing of renowned chef Jock Zonfrillo, his widow, Lauren, has shared a deeply personal update on Instagram, offering a glimpse into her journey of healing and remembrance.

Jock sadly passed away on Sunday, April 30, 2023, at the age of 46 with his passing triggering an outpouring of grief from fans across the nation.

In a poignant video message posted on her Instagram account on Saturday, April 27, Lauren reflected on the challenges she has faced in the past year

“Next week it will be a year since we lost Jock. I have no idea where that time went,” she began.

“I really did have plans to get a lot more of his projects out but I think that somewhere between trying to find my feet as a solo parent – and just going through long periods of time where I found it really hard to look at videos and photos of Jock – the plan didn’t go to plan.”

Despite the difficult circumstances, Lauren has found solace and purpose in preserving Jock’s legacy through their children and his work.

“Jock’s legacy sits in his children and his work, and both have given me a lot of purpose in the last year,” she revealed.

“I’ve been focusing on the kids and they’re going really well, they’re thriving actually and found their new normal. I think we created two extraordinary little people there.”

In a touching tribute to Jock’s passion for food and cooking, Lauren revealed her intentions to share precious memories with his adoring fans.

“I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of hours of Jock cooking his favourite recipes explaining what vinegar or oil he used in different things, things he discovered on our travels, fun behind-the-scenes stuff, interviews, and it’s a part of our life that I want to start sharing with everyone again,” she said.

“The purpose of putting it up is for us to enjoy it, enjoy Jock, so I hope you do.”

Supporters were quick to offer their love and support to Lauren, many praising her for keeping Jock’s memory alive.

“I am soooo missing him on the new MasterChef!! Lots of love and hugs to you and your kids!” one wrote.

“You’re incredible Loz. This stranger sincerely appreciates you for sharing Jock with us, when you have every right to do the complete opposite. Thank you so very much.”

“You’re amazing. Keep what is important as number one which is you and the kids. Grief is going to be there forever. You have the strength to navigate it for yourself and your family unit,” commented another.

“It’s obvious to everyone why he fell in love with you Loz. Wishing you much peace.”

As the one-year anniversary of Jock’s passing draws near, Lauren’s poignant message and the overwhelming support she received serve as a powerful reminder of the enduring impact of his legacy on both his fans and those closest to him.

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