Jock Zonfrillo’s widow shares beautiful wedding day memories to commemorate anniversary

Jan 02, 2024
Fans poured out their hearts, reflecting on the couple's love and offering messages of heartfelt support. Source: Getty Images.

In a touching display of enduring love, the widow of renowned chef Jock Zonfrillo recently turned to Instagram to commemorate her wedding anniversary with her late husband.

The emotional post not only celebrated the joyous union they shared but also provided a captivating insight into the intimate moments of their special day.

In a series of beautifully curated images shared on Monday, January 1, Lauren shared glimpses of their blissful celebration, radiating happiness and capturing the profound connection that defined their relationship.

“Happy anniversary My Love,” she wrote alongside the touching photos.

“Our dream of growing old together in the middle of nowhere in Italy – kids and dogs under our feet, you laughing your enormous laugh, falling asleep on your chest – is so vivid.

“That’s where I imagine you now.”

In the comments, fans poured out their hearts, reflecting on the couple’s love and offering messages of heartfelt support.

“Look at how he looks at you- he has found his dream, his treasure!” one fan wrote.

“Sending you strength and love.You have him in your heart forever!”

“Will miss Jock a lot. Why couldn’t he be alive & well & posting every day from Italy? So unfair!!!” commented another.

“Oh this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us all.”

Lauren’s post comes after she recently shared another emotional post, paying tribute to her beloved husband on the family’s first Christmas without him.

Taking to Instagram, Lauren shared a series of photos from this year’s big day of her children unwrapping presents and enjoying the day alongside a poignant message in which she expressed her gratitude for the support she has received, acknowledging the difficulties of navigating the holiday season without her husband.

“It’s different this year. No less love or excitement, just my stubbornness to see the kid’s faces light up in spite of it all,” she began.

“As much as I willed yesterday to be over, I can’t skip this chapter. The long list of firsts, I hear they get easier, I believe that to be true.

“Watching our gorgeous children navigating their first Xmas, I can see now that tragedy will make them. It will make them fierce and fearless, they’ll have a strength no-one can quite put their finger on.

“And they will undoubtedly have a life bigger than the one Jock and I dreamt for them because of this. They’ll be stronger in the broken bits.

“As a family, we have been privileged to receive kindness beyond measure this past week, and across the whole year actually, during what has been a tough year for so many. Thank you. Loz.”

Zonfrillo passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, April 30, 2023 at the age of 46, his death leaving a void not only in the culinary world but also in the hearts of his loved ones.





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