‘It’s a hobby’: Ash Barty reveals she has ‘no desire’ to go pro, especially with golf

Jul 19, 2022
Ash Barty says professional sport isn't for her anymore. Source: Getty

Former tennis pro Ash Barty has ruled out a career in professional sport, once and for all.

Amidst speculations that she would enter a career in golf, the World No.1 has officially set the record straight, saying golf is definitely not in the cards for her.


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Speaking on 101.9 The Fox Melbourne’s Fif, Fev and Nick, Barty was quick to dash the hopes of fans eagerly awaiting her next move when she was questioned by AFL star Brendan Fevola on what’s next for her in sport.

“You guys just can’t accept that I don’t want to play professional sport anymore,” the 25-year-old retiree joked.

“I love golf, it’s a hobby of mine. It will not be my profession, I have no intention of making it my profession but I hack around once a week if I can — and I play off four.

“There’s no need, there’s no desire for me to play professional sport, particularly golf. I love it as a walkaround with my girlfriends and friends but yeah, not for me.”

Doubling down on her retirement, in an interview with The Guardian, Barty revealed she couldn’t be happier with her decision, saying she doesn’t have an interest in Tennis anymore.

“I didn’t watch this year’s Wimbledon finals. Sorry to disappoint,” Barty said.

“Obviously I was rapt for Ons [Jabeur] and Elena [Rybakina], who are both brilliant girls. And it was obviously awesome to see Nick, who I’ve known for over a dozen years, get to the final.

“But since retiring I’ve probably watched as many matches as I did when I was playing, which was slim to none. Occasionally we’ll have it on as background noise but it’s very seldom that I’ll sit down and watch a match from start to end with any interest.

“I hit enough tennis balls in my life. I don’t need to see others hitting them as well.

“I’ve no regrets about retiring. Not one. I knew it was the right time for me. It was what I wanted to do. And I know that a lot of people may still not understand it. But I hope they respect that in the sense that it was my decision.”

Barty said she’s enjoying retirement, especially because it’s given her “the opportunity to live out childhood dreams”. The sportswoman is trying her hand at writing, releasing a series of books titled Little Ash to inspire children to be themselves and have the confidence “to try new things”.


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A post shared by Ash Barty (@ashbarty)

“Today’s the day! The first four books in the Little Ash series are out now from @harperkidsau @harpercollinsaustralia,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I loved books growing up and watching the joy my niece now gets from reading inspired this series. It’s been so fun adding elements of my childhood to these stories, in a way that I hope will make children smile.

“I want these books to help kids learn to be comfortable with themselves and get the confidence to try new things. Thank you to @jasmin_mcgaughey and @jadey.draws for helping me bring Little Ash to life.”

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