Investigator on Maddie McCann case doubts Polish woman’s claims she is the missing toddler

Feb 22, 2023
Investigator on Maddie McCann case speaks on woman's claims she is the missing toddler. Source: Getty Images.

Following claims from Polish woman Julia Faustyna that she is missing toddler Madeleine McCann, a private detective who worked on the case has cast doubt on the 21-year-old’s assertion.

Madeleine went missing from her bed at a resort while holidaying with her parents in Portugal on May 3, 2007. The case of the then three-year-old’s disappearance attracted considerable global attention. Despite a long-running investigation, Madeleine’s whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

As the mystery grows regarding Madeleine’s fate, Faustyna has emerged with claims that she is the missing toddler, taking to social media with photos and recollections of her childhood to substantiate her claims.

In a recent post to Facebook, Wendell claimed, “I think I can be Madeleine.”

“I don’t remember my childhood practically at all, but I do have a few memories,” she said.

“The earliest of these are vacations – I remember baby turtles (turtles hatch in May/June just from what I’ve read) and white apartment blocks, a bar where there was a performance by some ladies in costumes (folk costumes, I think, I don’t know), but I completely don’t recall my mother being there, for example, or my stepfather, much less my dad.

“I have a defect in my eye, in the same eye, the kind of defect Madeleine had.

“Except that in my case it’s faded more and more every year. I talked to the doctor and there is a possibility that this defect was operable, and so logically it seems to me that if someone kidnaps a child about whom everyone “trumpets” that he has such a defect in the eye, it seems to me that such a kidnapper will do everything he can to remove or cover up such a defect.”

As Faustyna’s claims garner worldwide attention, a private investigator who was hired by Madeleine’s parents to look into their daughter’s disappearance has broken his silence on the matter.

“Without knowing the details in depth, it doesn’t add up to me. I don’t think it’s her,” he told the Spanish newspaper El Independiente.

Marco isn’t alone in his doubts with many taking to Faustyna’s social media posts to question her claims.

“Eyes are way too close together and too deeply set and too small. Madeleine had very open eyes that were set farther apart and were not deep into her face. Nose is also completely different so is face shape,” one person wrote.

“As a forensic researcher, I can’t confirm any of comparisons. But your Iris is very similar. Need more analysis and similar conditions to assest it. I recommend contact their family (not only parents) to do Dna test. This test could inform some familiar similarities.”

“I feel for you and want you to find answers, however as a mum, having two adult children I agree they change in looks but I really can’t see similarities to yours and Maddie’s face,” another claimed.

“I don’t see any resemblance at all.”

For all those who doubt that Faustyna is the missing toddler, there were many who wished her luck in her quest for answers.

“It doesn’t matter what y’all think she’s looking for her truth she needs that DNA she contacted the police first not the media that says a lot,” one commenter wrote.

“Jeez some people can be vile on the internet! This girl is just trying to find out her truth. Whether she is Madeline or not, she still is asking for help & clarity after enduring an abusive childhood and her family aren’t helping her.. what is wrong with that?”

“I wish you luck no matter what the outcome. Bless you,” another said.

“I hope you find out more about your past and whether or not you are Madeleine. I am so sorry some are so mean and rude. I pray you find out your true identity and get some closure.”

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