Internet breaks down over heartbreaking vet clinic notice

Most people who are, or who have been pet owners understand the joy pets can bring to our lives, and also the heartbreak that comes from losing a beloved pet. Often, it is vets who have the devastating job of putting our furry friends to sleep when they’re sick and in pain. 

A Reddit poster has brought the internet to tears after they posted a picture of a thoughtful, yet heartbreaking notice they saw at their local veterinary practice. 

Thoughtful notice at a local vet. from pics

The photo shows a candle alongside a framed notice advising customers in the waiting area that if the candle is lit, it means someone is saying goodbye to their beloved pet. 

“We ask that you speak softly and with respect during this difficult time,” it reads. 

The thread is filled with comments from people who have experienced the kindness and caring of compassionate vets during some of their hardest moments. 

One commenter said that the vet clinic they work at has a separate room, complete with an alternative exit so the bereaved owners don’t have to walk back through the waiting area upset, and many others said they have experienced similar setups that have helped them during a difficult time. 

“The vet we went to when we put our cat down had a separate exit too,” wrote NoodlesForU.

“Walking out of an office with an empty crate that was full when I walked in is one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever done and I was so thankful I could do it quietly without an audience of happy pet owners.”

“Our procedure was done in the same checkup room we went into every time. They put down a blanket on the metal table (probably to make it easier to carry his 75 lb body after) and did the deal. It was very compassionate but me and my 67 year old Dad were bawling like babies and they let us leave out a side door. Rough day followed by flowers from them the next day, nice touch,” wrote Triviajunkie95. 

Coffeewithmyoxygen wrote about the kind gesture they had from their vet after the sad loss of their cat and dog. 

“The vet who put down my cat and my dog gave us cards with their paw print ink with their names printed on them. I have my cats tag on my key ring and my mom keeps the paw prints up in our kitchen all of the time.”

It just goes to show what an impact pets have on the lives of their owners. 

Have you had an experience with getting a beloved pet put to sleep like this?

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