92-year-old grandma reveals hilarious list of rules for her funeral

Jan 29, 2023
This internet grandma has gone viral for her hilarious "funeral rules". Source: TikTok/ Instagtam @grandma_droniak

Rules – we all live by them, some of us may have a few quirky ones of our own, but one grandma has taken the internet by storm after sharing her hilarious list of “funeral rules”.

When it comes to internet fame, 92-year-old Grandma Lilian Droniak is no stranger. With over 4.2 million followers on TikTok, Droniak often goes viral for sharing her amusing stories about her life, dating advice and bingo escapades.

Now, the internet’s favourite grandma is making sure there’s no stone left unturned when she dies, revealing her short and entertaining list of demands her funeral attendees must follow.

“It won’t be any time soon but don’t forget it,” she captioned the video.

@grandma_droniak it wont be any time soon but dont forget it #funeral #grandma #rules #dontcry #funeralservices #wake #greenscreen ♬ original sound – grandma_droniak

“You can cry, but don’t cry too much,” Droniak said, explaining that she doesn’t want anybody to “make a fool” of themselves.

Her second rule: “Bertha is not invited. Don’t let her in.” According to Droniak’s follow-up video, Bertha is indeed a real person who she has long since cut off from her life and still wants nothing to do with.

Finally, Droniak expects her guests to make several toasts in her honour, saying  “you better get drunk afterwards! Take a shot for me.”

Droniak’s funeral plans video has gained over 6.6 million likes and has gotten many of her fans saying they were “taking notes” and  “these are my rules too.”

“You not dying yet, I’m not done laughing”

“you are such an inspiration lol xx”

“noted grandma! stay away bertha”

“This reminds me so much of my Nan… she passed in 2020… these are exactly how she was and wanted.”

In an interview with Insider, Droniak explained the main reason she had made the video was to open up a “lighthearted” conversation about death.

“It doesn’t need to be scary or taboo. It helps you live life better if you’re not afraid,” she said.

“I joke about death because it will happen to all of us, as scary as that is, might as well laugh about it.”

Droniak isn’t the only TikTok grandparent trying to normalise the topic of death, 98-year-old Nanny Faye also took to the social media platform to share wise words regarding death and what could possibly wait for us on the other side after a follower shared her concerns about dying.

Then there’s 81-year-old Jodie Perryman who also caused a stir online after she handmade mini ouija boards to be given out at her funeral.

These older TikTok users, or “grandfluencers”, are increasing in numbers and are regularly gaining popularity on the app for celebrating their aged status.

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