Great-grandmother goes viral with her ‘comforting’ thoughts on life after death

Mar 16, 2024
Nanna Faye's loyal fanbase were quick to share their appreciation for the 98 year old and her prudent musings. Source: Getty Images.

A beloved great grandmother who is well known among her over 219,000 followers for her words of wisdom on social media has gone viral for her sage advice regarding the afterlife.

Nanny Faye, 98, recently took to her Tik Tok account, nannyfayeandme, with her wise words regarding death and what could possibly wait for us on the other side after a follower shared her concerns about dying.

“I’m scared of dying and can’t help it. Can you ask her if she is and how to help with that? She’s sweet!” one of her followers asked.

Nanny Faye was quick to offer comfort, telling them that “everything’s going to be lovely” in the afterlife.

“Noooo! Why should I be scared? Honey, what’s there to be scared of…This [life] is just a little interim time. It’s a blip,” she said.

“It really is not going to amount to a hill of beans hardly… Less than 100 years up to eternity doesn’t even cut it.

“There is going to be perfection. Everything’s going to be lovely.

“No sickness, no sorrow, no…people out of work, no trouble in any direction. There’s not going to be any of that stuff that worries the tar out of us here.”

@nannyfayeandme Replying to @malindajrobertson ♬ original sound – Nanny Faye

Nanna Faye’s loyal fanbase were quick to share their appreciation for the 98-year-old and her prudent musings.

“I could listen to her all day. She is precious,” one follower wrote.

“BLESS HER! I am grateful for hearing her voice of wisdom!”

“I believe this too but hearing her tell it… brings so much peace about my daughter who passed at 21, 8 yrs ago,” commented another.

“Wow she reminds me of my grandmother. Some of the phrases she uses I heard as a little boy sitting with grandma. She is so comforting.”

“I love her so much. I wish I could come and talk to her and give her a hug. Cherish EVERY SECOND you get with her. She’s amazing and beautiful.”

“You are so right! Thank you for sharing your wisdom to this list younger generation.”

Nanny Faye isn’t the only internet-famous grandma who is receiving attention for her approach to the afterlife, Jodie Perryman recently caused a stir online after she handmade mini Ouija boards to be given out at her funeral.

The 81-year-old’s hilariously creative idea featured Ouija boards that were glued into a card that featured the words “Let’s keep in touch!”, alongside a humorous photo of Perryman sticking her tongue out and giving the finger.

Speaking to TodayPerryman’s granddaughter Gracie said laughter rang out at the “firecracker” grandmother’s funeral as people opened their Ouija boards.

“Everyone was dying, laughing. It was hilarious,” she said.

“Because that was so her.”

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