Furore erupts as shoppers slam ‘un-Australian’ price hike on beloved Vegemite

Nov 27, 2023
Fellow shoppers erupted in anger in response to the price hike, creating a wave of shared frustration and resounding calls for action. Source: Getty Images.

In a land where Vegemite is practically considered a national treasure, outrage is sweeping across Australia as shoppers discover an unexpected and “un-Australian” price hike on their beloved spread.

The iconic yeast extract, a staple on breakfast tables and in lunchboxes across the country, has become the unexpected battleground for frustrated consumers who feel their loyalty to the Aussie classic is being tested by supermarkets hiking their price on their favourite items.

Social media has been flooded with disgruntled Australians expressing their dismay over the sudden surge in Vegemite prices after a fellow shopper took to Reddit to share their dismay at the price increase on the once-affordable breakfast essential

“Sorry, I know we hate these posts, but it’s nearly ten bucks for Vegemite now? And this is a low price?” the shopper wrote.

Source: Reddit.

Fellow shoppers erupted in anger in response to the post, creating a wave of shared frustration and resounding calls for action.

“What used to be cheap army rations is now a luxury item,” one fed-up shopper wrote.

“We need an insider at Coles and Woolies to start showing the cost price of stuff. Actually show how much price gouging is happening,” another suggested.

“Yeah, this country has turned to crap. Wasn’t that long ago that 100k a year was a very good salary now it’s not enough,” lamented one person.

“It’s not a low price. Un-Australian,” another bluntly stated.

“Considering Vegemite is celebrating 100 years and its image is slapped on everything to underwear to baby clothes to Christmas baubles, you’d think they’d have the decency to actually be reasonably priced,” claimed another user.

“Sadly; no matter the price there is no substitute and I would go without most other food before giving up my daily consumption of Vegemite!” declared one defiant shopper.

“Hey I noticed this the other day when I had to buy a new tub,” another began.

“Now I usually take ages to get through a tub so I’m not that clued on to the prices hike. But damn man. I just want some morning toast and to not get ripped.”

As the Vegemite controversy continues to unfold, one thing is clear: messing with Australians’ Vegemite is a recipe for a nation’s ire.

However, the price of Vegemite isn’t the only staple that is troubling shoppers.

One shopper’s recent routine trip to the grocery store triggered a hotbed of controversy after she shared her shock at the high price of ham sandwich ingredients.

The unsuspecting shopper took to Twitter to share her disbelief at the eye-watering total for what was once considered a simple and affordable lunch option.

Similar to the astonishment sparked by Vegemite’s price hike, the post swiftly triggered a social media uproar.

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