From ‘Sunrise’ to soft drinks: David Kochie shifts gears and ventures into beverage business

David Koch announces his big career move following departure from 'Sunrise'. Source: Getty

Former Sunrise host David “Kochie” Koch is venturing into a new career path following his shocking departure from the breakfast TV show.

On Thursday, July 27, the 67-year-old announced he was a part of the “naturally sugar-free movement” after becoming a shareholder and advisor for Australian drink brand, Nexba – the company behind “naturally sugar-free” soft drinks.


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The new business venture might seem like a random move, but Kochie explains that he had met the brand’s founders by chance on a plane decades ago and had “admired their journey ever since”.

“When the opportunity came to become a shareholder, I jumped at the chance,” he said.

“I love supporting young Aussie entrepreneurs and Nexba joins a group of six other start-ups and scaleups I’ve invested in over recent years. Whenever I assess the suitability of a company for potential investment, there are a few key principles that guide me.

“One is the quality and integrity of the founders of the business and the other is having a strong purpose to deliver value and impact long term. In the case of Nexba and Goodness Group Global – I overwhelmingly support both,” he continues.

“We know that Nexba is on a mission to create a lasting impact of better health and wellness and that’s not only a worthy journey to join, but is hopefully a good investment decision as well.”

The move comes a month after Kochie announced that after 21 years of hosting the popular daytime show and “battling stress,” he would be stepping down from his role to spend more time with his family and focus on more finance-related work.

“I know I’m going to miss it enormously, but it’s time for me to work business hours, and for Libby and I to have a bit more flexibility to enjoy our burgeoning family, to travel and focus on our family business interests in Pinstripe Media and the Ausbiz business channel,” Kochie had previously told viewers.

However, Kochie’s spot on the Sunrise couch wasn’t left empty for long as Seven revealed that former Olympian Matt Shirvington would take over as the new host.

Shrivington admitted this was “a huge life shift” and is “humbled by the opportunity to co-host such an important show to so many Australians.”

“It’s a privilege to follow on from Kochie. He leaves behind a legacy of honesty, humility and a whole lot of fun, and I can’t wait to continue adding to that,” he said.

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