Folly or Jolly? Inflatable Christmas display sparks heated debate

A new Christmas decoration from Bunnings has firmly divided the internet. Source: Getty Images.

A new type of outlaw has ridden into town and its presence is causing quite a stir amongst Aussie shoppers and the world wide web.

Massive hardware retailer, Bunnings, has released a range of cute festive inflatables but it’s their 2.4m Lytworx outlaw Santa, selling for $99 that resembles the infamous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, that has effectively divided the internet.

Once blown up, the eye-catching inflatable can be seen riding a horse and appearing to steal Christmas presents.

Born in 1855, Ned Kelly was a notorious Australian bushranger who found himself on the wrong side of the law after shooting dead three policemen who were trying to arrest his brother for horse theft.

From that moment he formed the Kelly gang which pulled off a number of daring robberies before his members were shot and he was captured and hung in Melbourne in 1880.

Whether or not Bunnings’ dodgy decoration is in poor taste or not, some social media users loved the idea with some seeing the funny side.

“I was going to get one of these, but I got…. held up!!”

“No way – that’s the coolest inflatable ever!!!”

“So cool and unique! Also great to reuse for Australia Day alongside your blow mold kangaroo from a year or so back!”

“Awesome idea!!”

“Love it!”Some were on the fence…”

“That’s different”

While others were unimpressed or outright incensed by the idea saying that it was not in the true spirit of Christmas.

“Nah, it’s a no from me! That’s losing the goodness of Christmas.”

“No, it’s tacky and in very poor taste. It’s one thing to include him in our history but not to celebrate him this way. I think it’s insulting.”

“Agree. Stupid idea.”

Another pulled Bunnings up on being culturally insensitive with the Christmas decoration considering Ned Kelly was “a murderer” and “police killer”.

More than one member has complained directly to the retailer, saying Ned Kelly was “a murderer” and “police killer” and that Bunnings has shown a lack of “cultural sensitivity” with the Christmas decoration.

Speaking to KidspotBunnings confirmed that the outlawed inflatable will remain on sale but not online due to there being low stock of the product around the country.

Bunnings General Manager of Merchandise, Adrian Pearce said, “The inflatable Santa is part of our promotional items for Christmas that includes a wide range of festive inflatable designs this year.”

Whether or not you’ll be adding the now infamous inflatable to your Christmas decor is up to you but with Christmas around the corner it will soon be time to dust off and decorate the tree. 

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