Flight attendant spills the beans on the key to a smooth flight

Feb 04, 2024
Brace yourselves for some unconventional advice that might just change the way you approach your next flight. Source: Getty Images.

Flying comes with its unique challenges, and TikTok user @cherdallas, a seasoned flight attendant, has taken to social media to share her invaluable insights after five years in the industry.

Brace yourselves for some unconventional advice that might just change the way you approach your next flight.

She begins her candid revelation with a warning that might make you think twice before reaching for the in-flight restroom amenities. She encourages passengers to bring their own toilet paper, stating, “If you examine the toilet paper, I promise you’re going to see water droplets on it, or what you think are water droplets.”

“I don’t think we can trust most men to make it in the toilet on a normal day, let alone flying at 36,000 feet with turbulence” she added.

Instead, she suggests travelers BYO (Bring Your Own) toilet paper to ensure a more hygienic experience.

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But that’s not all, she also dives into the world of fashion, advising against wearing shorts on a flight.

“I would never wear shorts on a plane,” she declares, highlighting the apparent risk of freezing mid-flight.

However, her second reason takes a more serious turn, focusing on safety.

“Say we have an evacuation. You have to go down the slide. Your butt cheeks are going to be sizzled off,” she explained.

While the scenario may seem extreme, it’s a perspective that most passengers likely haven’t considered.

As the unconventional yet practical advice took flight across social media, a wave of gratitude soared in, with passengers from around the world quick to express thanks for the unexpected tips that promised to transform their future travels.

“Thank you for this valuable info!” one wrote in response. 

“Thank you! I very rarely use the restroom but will avoid the toilet paper for sure now.”

“These are very informative thx,” commented another. 

“I don’t fly often and rarely have to use the wash room on the plane but that last bit of advice is gonna stick with me.”

As travellers, we often overlook these seemingly trivial details, but @cherdallas’s unconventional advice serves as a reminder that air travel is a unique environment with its own set of considerations.

So, the next time you board a plane, think twice about the toilet paper and consider opting for pants – your comfort and safety might just depend on it.

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