Fans rally behind media personality Derryn Hinch as he reveals latest health battle

Jul 01, 2024
Fans were quick to offer their support to Hinch, many wishing him all the best for a "quick and full recovery". Source: Getty Images.

Fans have offered their support and well wishes to former politician and media personality Derryn Hinch following his recent announcement that he is undergoing treatment for skin cancer.

The Aussie media figure revealed that he is currently receiving five weeks of daily radiation therapy to treat a melanoma on his forehead.

The cancerous spot, located just below his hairline, was discovered by doctors in February.

Hinch took to social media to share the news with his fanbase while providing an update on his condition.

“I’m getting there,” he began.

“On Monday, I start Week 3 of my radiation treatment at the Alfred for facial skin cancer.

“So far, no side effects like tiredness, and scarring is minimal. Staff fantastic.”

Fans were quick to offer their support to Hinch, many wishing him all the best for a “quick and full recovery”.

“Here’s to a quick & full recovery Derryn,” one person wrote.

“Happy for you that is great news and you are looking as handsome as ever.”

“Hopefully the lack of side effects will continue and you heal well x,” commented another.

“Glad to hear your doing well Derryn. Take care my friend!”

It’s the second time Hinch has faced a battle with cancer after the 80-year-old confirmed his liver cancer diagnosis in 2010 before undergoing a liver transplant in 2011.

At the time, doctors estimated he had a 60 per cent chance of surviving another five years. Earlier this year, Hinch disclosed a near-death experience during his liver transplant, recounting how he clinically died on the operating table and needed resuscitation

“I found out from my surgeon, Bob Jones, that I died on the table and they managed to get me back. I am now living 13 years longer than I should have because I carked it,” he told the Herald Sun at the time.

“Since then, I have had a political career, I have been a senator. I have been in the business of journalism for more than 60 years.”

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