Fans rally behind Bruce Springsteen as he cancels shows due to health concerns

Sep 07, 2023
Fans quickly united to offer messages of support and well-wishes to Springsteen, with many expressing their hope for his swift recovery. Source: Getty Images.

In the world of rock ‘n’ roll, few names command the respect and admiration that Bruce Springsteen does and as news broke that health concerns have led to the cancellation of his upcoming shows this admiration was on full display as fans around the world rallied behind the singing icon, sending a message of love and support.

The 73-year-old icon disclosed his health concerns in a message posted on his official website and social media channels, revealing that he and The E Street Band have been forced to postpone all performances scheduled for this month as Springsteen is treated for symptoms of peptic ulcer disease.

“Over here on E Street, we’re heartbroken to have to postpone these shows,” he told fans.

“First, apologies to our fabulous Philly fans who we missed a few weeks ago. We’ll be back to pick these shows up and then some. Thank you for your understanding and support. We’ve been having a blast at our U.S. shows and we’re looking forward to more great times. We’ll be back soon.

“Love and God bless all, Bruce.”


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Fans quickly united to offer messages of support and well-wishes to Springsteen, with many expressing their hope for his swift recovery.

“Get well soon Bruce!!” one fan wrote.

“Bruce, we hope you make a 100% recovery and get back on the road as soon as possible. There we will be waiting for you. Get some rest and take care. We love you.”

“Take care of yourself Boss! Take all the time you need!”

“Health first. Take your time boss,” commented another.

“Sending wishes for a speedy recovery. Hang in there Boss. We need you back out there as soon as you are better.”

According to Mayo Clinic, peptic ulcers are open sores that develop on the inside lining of the stomach and the upper portion of the small intestine with the most common symptom being stomach pain.

While Springsteen won’t be wowing audiences with his electrifying performances for now, he surprised crowds at a recent Coldplay concert in his hometown of New Jersey when he appeared on stage to perform two songs alongside the British band.

Before the pair rocked out together, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, teased the crowd with a firework display, saying there was “magic…[in] the building”.

“I have a tattoo on my arm, which is because this person is my hero,” Martin said.

“And please welcome — I can’t believe we get to say it — but please welcome Mr. Bruce Springsteen.”

The Boss was met with uproarious cheers from the crowd, chanting: “Bruuuce”, while he hugged Martin.

“Thank you! Hello, New Jersey,” Springsteen said from the stage.

“Chris said he’s had this song tattooed on his arm for a while, so, I guess I’ve got to sing it with him.”

Springsteen and Martin then jammed out together with the band as they performed the song tattooed on Martin’s arm – Working on a Dream.

The pair then performed an acoustic version of Springsteen’s 1984 hit Dancing in the Dark from his best-selling album Born in the USA.

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