Fans divided over the big name tipped to replace the late Jock Zonfrillo on MasterChef

Sep 22, 2023
Fans have been eager to learn who would be chosen to continue Zonfrillo's legacy. Source: Getty Images.

Devoted fans of the popular reality show MasterChef have been left divided as rumours swirl about the potential replacement for the late Jock Zonfrillo on the hit TV show.

Since Zonfrillo’s tragic passing earlier this year, fans have been speculating about who could fill the immense shoes left behind by the beloved chef, but recent whispers suggest a surprising choice that has left many fans with mixed feelings.

Naturally, fans were eager to know who would be chosen to continue his legacy.

However, it appears that the producers of MasterChef have thrown a curveball that no one saw coming after rumours circulated that none other than Jamie Oliver is being considered as Zonfrillo’s replacement.

Channel 10 insiders reportedly revealed to Women’s Day that Oliver, will be ready to film the new season of the hit cooking show in November of this year.

“Jamie has inked a deal worth around $2million,” the source told Women’s Day as per the Daily Mail.

The news of Oliver stepping up to take over the reins of Zonfrillio on the hit show received a mixed bag of reactions from fans with some calling for a local celebrity chef to take on hosting duties.

“Should have been an Aussie Female chef there’s plenty of them,” one fan wrote.

“No not Jamie Oliver it should be an Aussie chef.”

“Agree that Shannon Bennett would be great as a judge .. he helps everyone and works well with existing team.. Jamie Oliver has a huge ego and is not the right person for the show… Jock was kind and helpful and no ego at all.. Jamie is the opposite.. give it to Shannon or show will majorly suffer,” another responded.

“Get someone that worked with him and knew him well.”

While there were those who were not sold on Oliver as host there were just as many who believed he was an “awesome” choice.

“I’ll watch it if Jamie is on the show. He’s awesome. Actually even better would be the cheeky little Italian Gino D’Campo,” one fan commented.

“Nothing wrong with Jamie, he’s down to earth and real.””If anyone can do jock justice it’s Jamie,” another said.

“I think that Jamie is a great choice!”

The culinary world lost a legend when Zonfrillo, known for his passion for cooking and charismatic presence on the show, passed away on Sunday, April 30 at the age of 46, his death triggering an outpouring of grief from fans across the nation.

He had been an integral part of the MasterChef judging panel, bringing a unique perspective and a strong bond with contestants.

During the recent MasterChef grand finale, the show delivered a moving episode that paid tribute to the beloved celebrity chef.

Fans and colleagues bid farewell to the icon as the show’s final episode became a deeply moving tribute, leaving fans both elated and emotionally overwhelmed.

Zonfrillo’s face lit up with joy as Brent Draper claimed the title of this year’s MasterChef champion and secured the impressive $250,000 prize money.

After this year’s winner was crowned, a poignant montage showcasing some of Zonfrillo’s most unforgettable moments from the show was played that resonated deeply with viewers across the country.

The montage concluded with Zonfrillo addressing the contestants, bidding them farewell for the final time.

“For the last time, go home, make yourselves a cup of tea, put your feet up and be kind to each other, we’ll see you back here tomorrow,” he said.

A photograph featuring the entire crew was then shown on the screen, accompanied by the phrase “Give it up for Jock Zonfrillo”, his renowned farewell whenever someone departed the MasterChef kitchen.

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