Failed police dog gets cushy top job

Gavel as a young pup, taking up his post. Source: QLD Police

Gavel the once-hopeful police dog came from a long line of pedigree policing dogs, so it no doubt came as a surprise when his police career when up in smoke as he was given the boot because his trainers ruled that he was too sociable to be a police dog. 

But, luckily for Gavel, being super sociable and friendly was all the grand plan, as Sydney Morning Herald are reporting that he has managed to score himself the title of Queensland’s first official vice-regal dog!

Yep, when he was fostered out as a pup for police academy training, he wound up living at the Paddington residence of Governor of Queensland Paul de Jersey, who decided to keep Gavel on at the property after he had won everyone’s hearts.

Now the happy pup’s duties involve welcoming tour groups, attending functions with the Governor and his wife, and getting lots of pats and love from the staff at Government House. All whilst decked out in his official uniform of a specially made Government House coat. 

You’ve got to admit, his new job sounds a sight better than sniffing down and chasing bad guys. We can see why he dropped out of the Academy!

Does the sight of this happy dog enjoying his new life just make you smile?

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