Exposed: The sneaky strategies supermarkets use to get you to spend more

Jul 07, 2023
While supermarkets may seem designed to encourage spending, there are still savvy ways to save at the checkout and keep more money in your wallet.Source: Getty Images.

Have you ever dashed into the shops with a simple mission to grab a bottle of milk, only to find yourself walking out with a cart full of items you never intended to buy?

Chances are, you fell victim to the strategic design and sneaky tactics employed by supermarkets to entice you into spending more than you initially planned.

Supermarkets have become experts in the art of retail, employing clever ways to entice shoppers and increase their spending. Behind the inviting shelves and eye-catching displays, lies a world of hidden strategies designed to appeal to our senses and loosen our purse strings.

Retail expert from The Retail Solution, Roger Simpson recently lifted the veil on the subtle yet effective strategies supermarkets employ to tempt customers into parting with their hard-earned cash.

“With technology these days, they can quite easily map where shoppers visit in store and what the hotspots are,” Simpson told The New Daily.

In addition to advanced technology, Simpson pointed out that most supermarkets will feature a display at the end of each shopping aisle, displaying a number of sale items.

“You’ll see end caps on the end of every aisle,” Simpson said.

“It also gives you the impression everything in the store is cheap.”

Supermarkets will also position higher-priced items at eye level, well aware that they are more likely to catch the attention of customers and end up in their shopping carts.

Another strategy supermarkets frequently employ is placing affordable items strategically at the checkout counters, luring shoppers into making impulsive purchases.

A tempting array of chocolates, magazines, soft drinks, and energy drinks are among the usual suspects, enticing consumers to reward themselves for completing their errands.

Source: Getty Images.

While supermarkets may seem designed to encourage spending, there are still savvy ways to save at the checkout and keep more money in your wallet.

One way Aussie shoppers are saving money at the supermarket checkout is by opting for generic brands over the more popular name brands. 

Recent research from Compare the Market highlighted the growing trend, finding that nearly three-quarters of Australians have chosen the generic option over the more popular name brands during their weekly shop in the past 12 months.

Compare the Market’s study found that the generic version of items such as pasta, cheese, teabags and bread came in at half the price of the popular name brands.

“A lot of people are feeling the pinch and are looking for more ways to claw back cash,” Compare the Market spokesperson Phillip Portman explained to 9News.

“If you are willing to make that switch, there are savings there.”

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