Dog lovers petition for their ‘pawsome pals’ to join them at the pub

A petition calling for dogs being allowed into Melbourne pubs has reached 11 000 signatures. Source: Getty Images.

Australia is undeniably a dog loving country where peoples’ pooches are pretty much welcome in most places. However, there is one spot where they still don’t have easy access. The pub!

According to Food Standards Australia New Zealand, dogs are currently permitted to enter venues that have outdoor entertaining areas that are not enclosed.

But a recent petition initiated by Samuel Roundtree has got tails wagging having gathered an impressive 11,000 signatures for dogs to be allowed into Melbourne pubs.

Speaking on Mornings with Neil Mitchell 3AW, city of Yarra councillor, Stephen Jolley has chimed in with his support for the petition.

“It’s just an area that the council don’t really need to get involved with,” he told Mitchell.

“It’s not like the dogs are going into kitchens or restaurants. It’s not like the dogs are going to a live music venue at 12 o’clock at night and, you know, annoying the punters.”

He explained that his primary reason for allowing pet dogs into pubs was because of its importance for the mental health of many Melbourne residents, especially those who don’t have access to an outdoor space for their furry friends.

When Mitchell raised concerns about the safety implications around having animals in a space where food is prepared he said that the petition is for dog owners to bring their pets into beer garden settings such as neighbourhood pubs.

He added that it wouldn’t happen in establishments where the pub owner wasn’t on board.

Petition organiser Roundtree also shared his views on allowing animals into food areas. He clarified they were not “pushing for broader acceptance”.

“We are pushing for the people who have already chosen and historically do accept dogs to just be left alone,” he said.

Taking to X (Twitter), 9News Melbourne asked the public whether dogs should be allowed in pubs.

The response on the socials was mixed with those in favour of allowing dogs into pubs being quite emphatic about it.

But many were vehemently against the move citing concerns such as food hygiene, moulting and potential dog bites.

Dogs, with their unwavering loyalty and endless affection are the perfect companions, especially for retirees who find themselves with more time to spend with their furry friends. But choosing the right breed is a critical factor in ensuring the new relationship is a success. 

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