Doctor shares the five gifts to avoid giving your grandkids this Christmas

An ER doctor has described her top five gifts to avoid giving the kids this year to avoid a stressful trip to the emergency room these holidays. Source: Getty Images.

As Christmas edges ever closer, the gifts from Santa are likely piling up along with the excitement and anticipation of what will be found under the tree this year.

Amidst the festive hype, an ER paediatric doctor who also has four kids of her own has outlined the gifts to avoid giving the kids this year to avoid a stressful trip to the emergency room these holidays.

Taking to her Instagram page, Dr.Beachgem10 highlights five popular gifts which could fast track you to the hospital waiting room.


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#5 – Toys that come with a button battery

These tiny batteries are shiny, round and smooth so it’s no wonder a curious child may just pop it into their mouth.

Swallowing one or sticking it into an ear or nose could cause injury so its best to ensure they are properly secured if you must buy a toy that contains one.

Dr Beachgem10 explains, “They keep those little compartments closed with those little cheap screws. It’s not worth it. They can literally kill kids and they do every year.”

This item came as no surprise to many post responders with one saying, “I’ve NEVER understood why every kid toy has a deadly battery in it. I open the thing up, use super glue and when it goes out the toy gets thrown away. There needs to be a law banning them especially in children’s toys,” one person insisted.

Another added, “Button batteries should be illegal!”

#4 Water Beads

Water beads are an irresistible sensory toy that most kids just want to dive their hands into but they are actually made of synthetic polymers which could be harmful.

The doctor said, “These are sold as sensory toys but little kids can ingest them when they’re small and they can get larger and cause bowel obstructions.

“Don’t mess with these and little kids,” she warns.

She added they could be harmful to inquisitive pets as well so best to avoid them altogether to prevent vet or hospital bills.

#3 Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are fun and they give kids an extra measure of independence but the truth is they can be tricky to handle.

“Kids go way too fast on these. They hit a bump, they go flying. They mess up their faces, their arms, their heads. It’s bad news,” Dr Beachgem10 claims.

There are currently limitations on where scooters are allowed so if your child must have one, make sure you have a safe, private space to ride it.

#2 Hover Boards

Not only can hover boards cause serious physical injury, but they are also a potential fire hazard.

The doctor said, “We see so many hover board injuries right after Christmas”.

“They break their forearms and their elbows and sometimes their heads.”

About the boards she added, “They can literally light your house on fire.”

Followers were quick to respond to her mention of a fire risk.

“Oh yes! Ours started sparking in our garage. Thankfully I was out there and pushed it with a shovel out to the driveway before it exploded. We did not replace it.”

#1 Trampolines

At the top of the doctor’s list was the timeless trampoline, known for its physical benefits and keeping children entertained all day long.

“Number one should not be a surprise to anyone. I detest trampolines,” the doctor said.

“They literally keep the emergency department and the orthopedics team in business.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a net, it doesn’t matter if they’re buried in the ground. Most of the injuries actually happen ON the trampoline. Also, your insurance company also hates trampolines.”

For some, trampolines at the top of the list were a bitter pill to swallow but most, especially those who work in the medical field, were in agreement that the “trampo” is a no-no.

“No trampolines allowed at our house (per our own rule). Thoughts on trampoline parks? My kids want to go,” one persona said.

“We got the same rule. My hubby works in radiology,” commented another.

While it’s important to consider the risks of these items, it is also beneficial for kids to be kids. So if you are looking to buy them something that could potentially put them in harm’s way, walk them through the risks, support them as they learn how to be safe, strap on a helmet, and let them go.




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