Awesome ideas for Christmas Eve with your grandkids

Christmas is a time for family. Source: Getty

There are a few ways to really impress the little ones if they are coming to stay for Christmas Eve. You may already have plans to do some of these, or have other ideas which we’d love you to share.

1.  Bake and deliver cookies to the neighbours on your street with your grandkids. Or bake and give them as gifts. Rum balls are another great easy idea if you don’t have time or patience for baking.

2.  Open one gift on Christmas Eve. Some families have a longstanding tradition that kicks off the night before Christmas.

3.  Track Santa’s progress across the globe on NORAD or Google Santa Tracker. On both services, you can watch Santa as he treks across the globe, to your house! It is the easiest way to get little people off to bed, when they see Santa is leaving the Pacific Islands and heading towards Australia.

4.   Make reindeer food on Christmas Eve (oats and glitter and hundreds and thousands all mixed together) and toss it on the lawn for Santa’s team of reindeer.

5. Go for a drive to look at Christmas lights in your neighbourhood. You can find the best streets at Christmas Light Search.

6.  Leave a ‘trail’ of reindeer footprints outside, showing where the reindeer have been. You can use a sprinkling of flour mixed with cocoa powder to make the footprint, and an easy, Pacman or c-shaped stencil cut out from paper to create the footprints. This will make Christmas morning all the more magical.

7. Get matching pyjamas or ‘Christmas Pyjamas’ for the kids to wear on Christmas Eve. What an awesome opportunity for a cute and memorable photo on Christmas morning.

8. And don’t forget to leave out the beer, milk, bikkies and carrots… But we’re sure you remember this old classic!

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