Dawn French’s royal blunder: Comedian recalls hilariously awkward encounter with King Charles

Dec 03, 2023
French found herself engaged in conversation with the then Prince Charles where she couldn't resist the temptation to share one of her classic risqué jokes. Source: Getty Images.

In a recent interview, comedy queen Dawn French spilled the beans on a hilariously cringe-worthy encounter with none other than King Charles himself.

The incident left French not only red-faced but with a royal memory she won’t soon forget.

It all unfolded during the star-studded premiere of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in which she played Mrs. Beaver, opposite Ray Winstone who played Mr. Beaver.

As the evening progressed, French found herself engaged in conversation with the then Prince Charles where she couldn’t resist the temptation to share one of her classic risqué jokes.

“He was coming down the line, greeting everybody. And he started it, I have to say,” she recalled during a recent appearance on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

“He started it because he had been to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream that I was in. And he said to me, ‘Well, the last time I saw you, I saw your Bottom’, referring to the character Bottom in Midsummer Night’s Dream, that I played. And I thought, ‘Right, we’re off’. And I said, ‘Tonight, Sir, you will see my Beaver!’ And then I did lots of over-laughing. And he very quickly moved on.”

French’s embarrassing encounter didn’t end there, the Vicar of Dibley star admitted “putting her foot in it” again when she met Camilla.

“As Prince Charles, as he then was, moved down the line quickly, I was looking at him, regretting everything, and I heard a noise in my ear, going, ‘Dawn, Dawn’,” she explained.

“And I went, ‘YES, YES, YES, WHAT?’, and it was Camilla! And I went, ‘Oh, sorry, sorry, I was just telling him about my Beaver. No, sorry. Sorry.’

“Everything just went wrong. Everything went wrong. But that’s me. See a royal and I just put my foot in it.”

French shares more hilarious stories from her life along with her refreshingly candid approach to embracing all her “faux pas” and “stupid decisions” in her memoir, The Twat Files.

While announcing the project in a video posted on her Instagram account, French shed light on the book’s inspiration and what readers can expect to find within its pages.


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“Now, look, I’m known for a few things, aren’t I? I’m known for asking about titting about, of course, and funnying about something I’m not known for, if we’re honest, is perfection,” the 66-year-old began.

“And so I’ve decided to write new book called The Twat Files. And in this book, I am documenting all the times in my life that I have been so far from perfect. In fact, all the times that I’ve been an utter twat.

“And there are many, many, many examples, more than I ever thought, alarming amount of times that I have made faux pas, mistakes, stupid decisions and got things very, very wrong.

“But look, the fact is that I’m sort of butting against being perfect, having filters and perfect angles.

“I’m saying let’s be flawed. Let’s celebrate the flaws and all the mistakes we’ve made. Let’s wear them like medals across our ample bosom.”

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