Coffee shop owner takes to charging rude customers extra

A US coffee shop owner has come up with a genius way of getting customers to use basic manners – by charging them extra if they don’t!

Austin Simms was sick and tired of customers who didn’t bother with manners when ordering their coffee, so he placed this cheeky sign out, and says that it has worked!

Customers who say “please” score $2 off the cost of their coffee, while customers who greet the barista get a saving of a whopping $3.25 – pretty good savings for something so simple!

Meanwhile, the customers who come in and demand their coffee without a please, or a greeting are charged a steep $5 for their caffeine hit – it doesn’t really seem worth the price to be rude, does it?

Social media users have applauded the cafe owner’s move, and it sounds like he’s not the only one sick and tired of people not bothering with manners anymore. 

One person suggested charging even more for customers who order whilst talking on their mobile phones!

“I recall when shopkeepers would refuse to serve people who did not say please”, wrote one Facebook user. 

It seems not everyone agrees with manners though, as another Facebook user commented, “I would pay extra to not talk to someone I don’t know.”

Does it make you sad that people need to be effectively bribed just to be polite?

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