Safety Concerns: Jimmy Barnes cancels gig despite promoting new album

Nov 17, 2022
Jimmy Barnes cancels Sydney album signing due to Covid-19 cases. Source: Getty

Aussie rockstar Jimmy Barnes may have thrilled fans with the announcement of his upcoming Christmas album, but he has now left many heartbroken after cancelling his Sydney album signing event.

The 66-year-old music icon was set to sign copies of his first-ever Christmas album, Blue Christmas, at Penrith Panthers League Club this November 26 but changed his mind, citing concerns over public safety as the reason.

Barnes took to Twitter to break the bad news writing: “In order to keep everybody safe given the current increase in covid cases, the event at Penrith Panthers on Saturday 26 November will not be proceeding. Thank you for understanding, Team JB”

Barnes’ decision to postpone the signing comes as Covid-19 cases in Australia have started to rise, with some states recording an 80 per cent increase in the spread of Covid-19 variants.

Despite the cancellation, fans of the Working Class Man singer praised his decision to prioritise the public’s safety.

Barnes kicked off the festive season early this year after revealing he would be releasing his first Christmas album in November 2022.

Barnes said the album will have an Australian twist on the Christmas classics we all know and love.

Fans can look forward to renditions of Christmas favourites like Let It Snow and Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree. 

Speaking to The Daily Telegraphthe Scottish-born rock star said the cover art for the album was specifically chosen to represent an Aussie Christmas.

On top of the anticipated release of his first Christmas album, the singer has been busy receiving his Honorary Doctorate by the University of South Australia (UniSA) for his “distinguished service to the community”.

UniSA Vice Chancellor Professor David Lloyd said Barnes deserves the Doctorate for being the symbol of determination.

“From working class boy to working class man to working class hero, Jimmy has had to overcome adversity and countless setbacks, bouncing back stronger each time,” Lloyd said.

“If you want a gold standard for the ‘unstoppable career’, then Jimmy Barnes is it.”

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