Martha Stewart firmly rejects plastic surgery suggestions

May 21, 2023
Martha Stewart has shut down "naysayers" who accused her of going under the knife. Source: Getty Images.

Lifestyle guru Marth Stewart recently sent pulses racing when she graced the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition.

At 81 years old, Stewart made history as the publication’s oldest cover star, stealing the title from 74-year-old model Maye Musk who appeared on the magazine’s cover in 2022.

While many were quick to praise Stewart for her stunning photo shoot, it wasn’t long before the “naysayers” emerged accusing her of having the photos “re-touched” while others claimed she must have had work done.

In an effort to shut down her critics, Stewart strongly denied claims that she had gone under the knife in a recent interview with Variety.

“I’ve had absolutely no plastic surgery whatsoever,” she said.

“I have very healthy, good hair. I drink green juice every day. I take my vitamins. I eat very healthfully. I have very good skin doctors. I’m very careful in the sun. I wear hats and I wear sunblock every single day.”

Stewart did concede that “every now and then” she will get fillers for the odd line “here or there” but said that is where she draws the line.

‘I hate Botox,” she said.

“It’s a weird thing for me. I really and truly don’t do a lot.”


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Stewart shared a peek of the magazine cover on her Instagram page, telling her loyal fans that she hoped the cover would inspire others “to challenge” themselves and “try new things” no matter their age.

“My motto has always been: ‘when you’re through changing, you’re through’, so I thought, why not be up for this opportunity of a lifetime?” Stewart wrote alongside her post.

“I hope this cover inspires you to challenge yourself to try new things, no matter what stage of life you are in. Changing, evolving, and being fearless – those are all very good things, indeed.”

Stewart revealed that she didn’t think twice when she was offered the chance to model for the publication.

“I thought, ‘I can do this. I don’t have to give in to convention,’” Stewart told Sports Illustrated. 

“Usually I’m motivated by pay. But this time I was motivated by showing people that a woman my age could still look good, feel good, be good.

“I don’t think about age very much but I thought that this is kind of historic, and I better look really good because I want other women to feel that they could also be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.”


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